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Does okra water help to boost ovulation, fertility and female ability to conceive twins?

Does okra water help to boost ovulation, fertility and female ability to conceive twins?

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Don’t worry tomorrow will be better than today 🤗❤️😘.Welcome to another session of the world of vegetables 🌽 🌶 ,the vegetable I picked today is Okra or Okro.

Does okra water help to boost ovulation, fertility and female ability to conceive?


1. It keeps you feeling full
2. It’s great for your digestion
3. It’s a low calorie food
4. It’s a diuretic: That means it helps the body detoxify itself and helps you shed excess water weight. A great weapon in your arsenal for de-bloating!
5. It helps control cholesterol levels
6. It’s cancer fighting
7. It boosts the immune system
8. It supports fertility and healthy pregnancy
9. It stabilizes blood sugar levels
10. It helps prevent diabetes
11. It helps prevent kidney disease
12. It may help reduce asthma symptoms
13. It can give you shiny, bouncy hair
14. It’s good for your brain
15. It’s anti-inflammatory
16. It’s good for eye health
17. It supports strong bones
18. It’s great for your skin
19. It’s a great source of vegetable protein.
20. It supports ulcer healing
21. Reduces dryness
22. It has folic acid which makes it good for pregnant women

Do not forget to eat vegetables and fruits daily it goes a long way.

Thats a wrap on okro or okra and there are so many ways you can enjoy your okro,do have a nice night.

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Does okra water help to boost ovulation, fertility and female ability to conceive twins ?

Now, I have received a barrage of questions on the health benefits of okra water and these are some of the questions I have been asked by readers of the NIGERIAN HEALTH BLOG below:

“When to take okra water for ovulation”

“How to use okra water FOR ovulation”

“Can okra boost ovulation in females”

“Can okra water help to conceive twins”

“Can okra water help to conceive”

“How to prepare okra water for ovulation”

I am going to answer these questions in the paragraph below.


Do you know that okra is one food that boost ovulation and with boosted ovulation it increases your chances of getting pregnant for twins?

There are different ways we can use okra to boost ovulation, one is using it to prepare soup (the okra and the leaves). Another is socking the okra in water. Okra water causes multiple eggs to be released during ovulation and increases the female’s chances of having twins or triplets. Some scientists have also suggested that apart from okra water, okra leaves also boosts ovulation and fertility.

A particular type of okra leaves “ewe ilasa”
in Igbo-Ora community, Oyo State have been suggested to be responsible for the high rate of twinning among Igbo-ora indigenes.


Buy okro from the market,wash it well then cut about 5 fingers of it and soak with cold water over night, drink the water first thing in the morning on empty stomach. Make sure you separate the okro from the water.


Answer: After your period. Take okra water 2 weeks before ovulation and a day before ovulation.


Answer: 2-3 days then prepare a fresh one if you don’t have a fridge.


The answer is NO.

When should I take okra water for ovulation? And how long can I take okra water for ovulation?

A day or two after your last menstrual period….take it until your next ovulation and menstruation. For the follow-up question, you can take okra water for about 4 weeks for ovulation.

What happens when you drink okra water everyday?

Nothing untoward but is is better you drink with moderation. You cannot be drinking it every day…you system will get tired of it and you may start developing nausea and vomiting.

How long does it take for okra water to work?

Nobody can actually say as there is no timeline to when okra water will begin to work. None. Just take it with and be patient with it. Don’t rush it. Many women have however said the got good results with okra water within 3 months.


Okra water is believed to help boost sperm count and encourage high libido. But no research confirms this…Some researches warn that okra can cause male infertility.

Okra water and clomid

Clomid called as clomiphene citrate is a fertility drug that helps induce ovulation….it works for sure…Women on clomid can as well take okra water. Okra water does not reduce the efficacy of clomid.

How many days can I take okra water?

At least for 30 days…a daily cup of okra water will do.

Can I take okra water during my period?

Yes. There is no harm in taking okra during you period or flow….okra water is not contraindicated during period.

How long does it take okra water to work for lubrication?

It takes weeks to months especially in women with dryness.

Can I take okra water during my pregnancy?

The answer is yes, okra water is rich in folic acid which is necessary for the development of neural tube in developing babies. Okra water in pregnancy is also believed to ease delivery.

Can okra water delay period?

No. Okra water rather stimulate period and not stopping it…okra water restores period.

Can okra water cure infection?

No. Okra water is not antibiotic and cannot cure your infection…see a doctor if you have infection.

Can okra water cure yeast infection?

The answer is also no…okra water is not antifungal and cannot cure vaginal candidiasis known commonly as yeast Infection.

Can okra water balance hormones?

Yes. Okra water is reputed for encouraging the production and balancing of all female reproductive hormones like oestrogen, progesterone, luteinizing hormone etc…okra water cures hormonal imbalance in some women.

Can I drink okra water at night?

Yes…morning afternoon or night, you can drink okra water.

Okra water and menstruation

Okra water restores ceased menstruation.


Okra water testimonials for fertility and conception

This is one of the okra water testimonies a 33 year old woman sent me and I want to share:

“Good evening doctor, I read one of your article on the benefits of okra water and I decided to try out okra water as I have been trying to conceive since 2018, I took the fresh okra water for 4 months and surprising , my period returned and I got pregnant in 2019….my baby girl is 2 years old now. Thank you for all you do”

Note: Okra water boosts the female OVULATION, FERTILITY, LIBIDO and helps you to concieve.

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