Beware! Slimming Tea will NOT help you lose Weight – Dr Olufunmilayo

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Medical doctor and social media influencer @ Dr Olufunmilayo have warned Nigerians to desist from attempting to use slimming teas to burn fat and lose weight saying it will not work. He went further to call the sellers of these products scammers.

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After reading the Apari Chronicles Volume1 where she admitted to selling fake slimming tea that does not work, I hope you all learnt at least one important medical truth:


There is NO tea for weight loss.

There is NO tea for weight loss.

There is NO tea for weight loss.

Some of you will cry,

But if I hear fem…

I have said it repeatedly many times that “slimming tea” is a total fraud. Especially when you consider the kind of dramatic results it is advertised and guaranteed to produce.

There is NO tea in the world that can make you lose weight significantly just by drinking it alone.

The fraudsters who produce this nonsense know it. The thieves who sell this nonsense know it. The charlatans who aggressively promote this nonsense know it.

They all keep quiet and watch you make a laughingstock of yourself: You know why?

They want your money.

It’s that simple.

All the best scientific research on the matter say tea only helps with “a very small amount” of weight loss WHEN PAIRED with sensible diet and exercise.

Note those words: A VERY SMALL AMOUNT.

But these corporate yahoo thieves on turtle neck will tell you their tea works magic.

Slimming tea
Science have shown that they do not work

And should I shock you further? If you really had a sensible diet and routinely exercised – tea or no tea- YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT.

So it’s NOT the tea- It’s the dieting and the exercise that causes the weight loss.

And that’s why emphasis for weight loss is on diet and exercise.

There is NO medical school that trains its professionals to recommend or encourage tea as a way to lose weight.

There is NONE. How people got themselves all roped into this apparent nonsensical reasoning remains a mystery to me.

“Slimming” tea is a fraud, and it is a scam.

We now live in a world where people want easy and quick answers for difficult and longstanding problems.

You didn’t gain weight overnight,

You will NOT lose weight overweight.

And there are NO quick fixes

– Drink tea all you want

– You will just pee more.

And that’s the truth.

Life is already very stressful for you.

You don’t have a job.

Or you have one that pays peanuts.

You will still take out of that little or no money you don’t have to buy a fraudulent tea that can NEVER give any magical weight loss results.

Is that wise?

There are NO easy answers to weight loss.

And as a matter of fact, there should NOT be one. I’ve explained repeatedly it is very medically unsafe for your health to even lose weight drastically.

It messes up your body chemicals, can cause life threatening situations and death.

Cry all you want under this post, The truth remains the truth.

Drink tea all you want,

While you sit your ass down all day eating all the food and never doing any exercises, you will NOT lose any weight.

For those asking, Here is a thread I did last week on how to safely lose weight.

It’s NOT magic.

It requires discipline, hard work and consistency.

Everything that the slimming tea thieves will never tell you.

Thanks for reading.

Feel free to share.

Dr Olufunmilayo


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