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Simple Tips to Lose Weight:

Cut down on excessive eating.

Not more than 2main meals per day.

Stop junk food and snacks.

Stop eating out at eateries.

No cigarettes, shisha or weed.

No heavy meals late at night.

Only water and fruits after 7pm.

And please, Fufu is not a fruit.

Smoking of any kind has been found to cause obesity and weight gain. Weed is known to increase appetite and make people eat more. Don’t play yourself. Be wise.

How to lose weight in Nigeria
Weight reduction is a conscious effort. Beware of magicians. Credit: Vox

You can’t go and jog at 7am

Then go smoke Shisha at 9pm – You are wasting your time and fetching water into a basket.

Cut down on milk, meat, fish, eggs, yoghurt, ice cream etc One small meat per meal is okay. What are you doing with 3big meats? Are you an armed robber, dear? One egg is okay- if at all you have to. Why do you eat 4 eggs at a go? Are you a snake? You must stop that behaviour.

Aim to lose 1kg per week.

Not more than that.

No drastic weight loss.

Don’t do any sudden excessive fasting.

The weight gain didn’t happen overnight. It won’t leave overnight.

Stay off all those magic “lose weight in one week” “sudden weight detox” nonsense. It is dangerous.

Suddenly losing weight too rapidly can cause chemical imbalances in your body which can be life threatening.

And especially for women, It can lead to hormonal imbalances that can mess up your periods and give you serious problems if you plan to get pregnant. This is no jokes.

Use smaller plates.

And don’t go for extra.

Discipline yourself. It’s not everything that you see in traffic that must enter your mouth.

Leave the gala, doughnut, soft drinks, eggrolls, plantain chips and fried crayfish alone.

Again, have some discipline.

You can do it. Oh Yes.

Cut down on alcohol. And if possible,you can stop it totally.

Especially if you already have pot belly.

If you have to, Nothing more than one small shot of vodka per week (about 25mls) or one small glass of red wine per week (175mls) or just one bottle of standard beer per week.

Try to do exercise. Don’t go to gym for selfies or IG videos. Actually DO the exercises if you go.

You need 30minutes of exercise per day minimum. Good thing is it does NOT have to be gym.

Walking fast and time yourself for 30mins per day will do same job.

Why not try that out?

Cook with less spices, seasonings, sauces and oil. Grill your chicken and meat.

Rather than fry them.

Take chicken and meat without the skin on the back. That’s where fat is.

Some of you go to eateries to ask for Agemawo (meat with fat skin), stop it.

Have some self control.

Stay away from cakes, sugary drinks, soda, soft/fizzy drinks, and anything too sweet.

Discipline yourself.

Don’t take more than one can of any soft drink per week.

Anything more than that is dangerous and unhealthy.

If you take soft drinks everyday, you are harming yourself.

Wherever you can walk to,

Don’t take a bike there.

Wherever you can jog to,

Don’t drive a car there.

Wherever you can just run to,

Don’t use any other means.

Always utilise any opportunity to walk, jog or run; that’s a simple way to make exercising a part of your life routine.

Always aim to have a healthy BMI. Being obese has many serious medical risks that are proven to make human life miserable and many times end it.

Heart attacks, Strokes, High blood pressure, Diabetes, Poor self esteem, Depression, Sudden death. All these can happen. No jokes.

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To calculate BMI: Get your weight in kilogram. And height in meters.

Multiply the height by itself.

Divide that weight in kilogram by result of the height multiplied by itself.

That’s your BMI.

18.5-24.9 normal

25-29 overweight

30-39 obese

40 and above: your life is at risk (morbidly obese)

Finally, have a plan.

A simple 10week plan.

Only lose 1kg per week.

Go online and check how to calculate food calories. As a man, only 1900 kilocalories per day, and as a woman only 1500kilocalories.

If you do it well, you will have lost 10kg in 10weeks. That’s a good start.

I hope this post has entertained and educated you at the same time on the risks of being overweight, but more importantly on simple tips to safely lose weight and remain healthy.

Thanks for reading.

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Have a great day!

Dr Olufunmilayo



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