How to Remove stubborn Ear wax at Home

How to remove stubborn ear wax at home, dry earwax removal, hard ear wax removal, use of hydrogen peroxide to remove impacted ear wax..

Are you aware that too much ear wax can affect your hearing and make you a little deaf?


Ear infection

Ear itchiness

Feeling dizzy

Smelly ears

Difficulty hearing

Loss of hearing

Hearing loud high pitched sounds

These are ALL the possible symptoms that excessive earwax can cause you. But if it is excessive, it may cause problems.

Why do some people have more earwax than other people?

1. Age: as people grow older, wax gets harder for the ears to clear by itself.

2. Narrow and hairy ear canals: if you have a narrow inner ear ear which is quite hairy, you may have more trapped earwax causing problems.

3. You just have more ear wax than normal- and there is really no medical explanation for it. It just happens like that sadly, for some people.

4. If you wear hearing aids, earphones and earplugs a lot: these things tend to push earwax further inside and causes hearing issues.

So what’s the role of ear wax?

Ear wax is the body’s natural way of cleaning the ears. Just like the vagina and rectum, the body does NOT need you to clean inside those orifices. The ears naturally cleans itself and pushes out germs and dirt through what we see/call ear wax.

Ear wax
Impacted ear wax
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We don’t even know about it – but in most people, while sleeping the earwax falls off in bits. However in a few people, there may be overproduction of war wax or blockage of normal earwax which then starts to cause itchy, sometimes deaf, painful, blocked and uncomfortable ears.

So how do you treat ear wax?

If it doesn’t bother you.

Then don’t bother. Your ears will sort it out in its own.

If it bothers you,






These things can tear your eardrum.

They can also break and cause infections as well as introduce germs.

So what can you do to treat it?

Olive oil drops.

2 drops three times a day for a few days.

The earwax will soften and fall off on its own- mostly on your pillow while you sleep.

You DO NOT NEED to pull it out.

I know it’s very sweet and tempting to want to use things like cotton buds and matchstick – but resist that temptation. It’s too dangerous.

You can permanently damage your ears from using some of such things. If the olive oil fails and you think the earwax is really bothering you.

Speak to a doctor. Preferably one that is an expert in ears. He or she can get your ears cleaned using irrigation- a jet of fluid into the ears to get the wax out. DO NOT TRY to do such at home.

NB: Hydrogen peroxide bubbling  is not advisable for ear wax removal. It may cause ear drum injury.

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Dr. Olufunmilayo 




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