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Fishbone is probably the commonest mistakenly swallowed potentially-dangerous food item. It mostly causes no harm.

But in very rare cases, it can go the wrong way, block the airway, causes choking and instant death.

Old age,

Eating fast,

Talking while eating,

Alcohol misuse…

Being drunk,

Using dentures,

Mental retardation,

Eating while not paying attention… These are the things that cause fishbone to be accidentally swallowed.

And when this happens, depending on the size of the fishbone and where exactly it goes- whether it’s the throat or airway – If the fishbone is small, It mostly goes down withou any hassles. If the fishbone is big, it can get stuck in the throat and this can lead to serious discomfort, pain and sometimes tear the throat causing significant bleeding which can lead to death. Fishbone is no joke.

If the fishbone is big and goes through the airway, and blocks it, it would cause choking and problem with breathing – And if nothing is done soon enough, the person will be deprived of oxygen (to the brain and vital body organs), they will turn blue and be dead in few minutes.

Fish bone
Fish bone stuck in the throat

Thankfully, the majority of fish bone mistakenly swallowed is NOT dangerous and will not kill. However it is good to know that there are those uncommon rare cases where a “mere fishbone” as we would love to call it can kill a person. Learning of those is the aim of this post.

So what can you do if you or someone mistakenly swallows a fishbone:

1. Cough forcefully.

2. Take a glass of water.

3. Swallow 2 spoons of oil.

4. Drink a can of soft drink quickly.

5. Bite a big banana and swallow it once.

6. Soak bread water and swallow it at once

7. Take bread/amala/fufu and swallow it.

These are simple things to try.

Last option is to leave it.

Again, fish bones tend to go on their own.

However, if you notice: Problem breathing, Choking, Serious discomfort, Turning blue, Drooling, Inability to eat/drink/swallow, Getting weak/exhausted, Inability to speak; CALL A DOCTOR. That person is dying.

How to prevent mistakenly swallowing fishbones:

Supervise children and elderly people’s food –

check the fish before giving them.

Don’t eat fish while you are drunk.

Don’t talk while eating fish.

Check your fish well and take out all the bones in it.

Never eat fish too fast.

Take small bites.

Chew very well.

And swallow slowly.

Always drink water very well after every meal just to avoid anything getting stuck.

And lastly if fishbone gets stuck in your throat, don’t panic.

Stay calm.

Call for help and preferably ask a doctor for urgent advice.

I hope you have learnt something this evening about fishbones and what you can do to help yourself or someone who mistakenly swallows it. Thanks for reading.

Share for others.

Share your own stories too for us all to learn.

Have a splendid night!

Dr Olufunmilayo


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