An impacted tooth is a growing tooth that has been prevented or blocked from breaking (erupting) into the gums (see diagram below). It’s major symptom is a kind of excruciating pain that sufferers have described as terrible.

Below are cute comments of persons that once had tooth impaction….

Dr Guendouzi

I have an impacted third molar and head feels as if a truck drove on it. I removed the impacted molar on left side last year, I cried from the pain, first time I cried in maybe 30 years. It was the worst pain on earth and I vowed never to experience it again, I cried like a baby. Now I have to go and take it out tomorrow.. Asides pain from malignancies, dental pain is the worst thing any human can experience.


When people stress over normal extraction, I just laugh. May you not need to remove an impacted molar. The process should be called digging and scooping out – not extraction. Good luck, my guy.


I removed an impacted molar two years ago. I will never wish my enemies the sort of pain I went through. I will advise you to keep managing it. Removing it is not the best option.


I had similar experience almost 2 months ago; I had surgical extraction of LL impacted molar and simple extraction of LL premolar in one swell swoop! Dental related pains are the most horrifying in my opinion.


Here is my own dental scan of my third molar grew horizontally.

impacted tooth
Impacted tooth can be be dead painful


I would know. Don’t envy you a bit. Had same some years back, worst pain of my existence. For 2weeks I was laid up gorging on 5 of the strongest oral painkillers around. A woman confirmed to me that the pain is worse than childbirth. Would take childbirth over it a 100 times over.


I remember when i had mine removed, chaiiii. I spent a whole week laid up despite a cocktail of analgesics. Sorry doc., this too shall pass.


I feel your pain bro. Removing impacted molar is the worst pain one could feel ever. You cant even wish your enemy such pains.

Me: Nigerian Health Blog

Apart from the excruciating pains, other symptoms of tooth impaction are: swelling of the gums, bad breath, difficulty and pains opening your mouth, pain on chewing and talking, bad taste. On treatment, pain can be mildly relieved by warm salted water and painkillers such (Advil), diclofenac or peroxicam, definitive treatment is by tooth extraction(removal). This must be done by a dental surgeon.

If not removed, impacted tooth can lead to dental caries (tooth decay), damage to the other teeth, gum disease, cysts, and dental abscess.

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