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Do you have blocked nose runny nose

sore throat


watery eyes

muscle ache

dry cough


feeling hot

ear pain

pressure on face/ears

loss of taste and smell?

Calm down.

It’s NOT HiV.

It’s most likely common cold.

It will stress you – but it will go.

On its own.

How to treat common cold at home
Home remedies for common cold, catarrh, cough and flu Credit: American Scientist

Simple tips on how to treat common cold at home



Keep warm,

Turn off the Air Conditioner,

Blow your nose

Drink plenty of water – Fruits and juice is okay

Gargle with salt water if sore throat too,

Use paracetamol 2-3 times a day for headache/bodyaches,

Try some antihistamines like loratadine tablets if you have history of allergies,

Do steam inhalation with menthol crystals to relieve congestion

You can try decongestant sprays and tablets to help with blocked nose. Just ask at the pharmacy around you.

Vicks vapor rub helps with common cold.

Do steam inhalation with menthol crystals.

Be careful with “cough/cold medicine”- especially if you are already taking paracetamol/ibuprofen- because some of them already contain it and you may mistakenly overdose.

Do you need antibiotics?

No, you do NOT.

Why? Antibiotics are for bacteria infections. Common cold is caused by viruses. So using antibiotics for a viral infection is like calling a plumber to come and help you repair your laptop. It’s a waste of time and a lack of commonsense.

How about piriton and vitamin c?

You can take it if it has helped you before. Piriton is an antihistamine which can help people who have allergies, and vitamin c has a little evidence medically for being helpful with colds.

So yeah, if you think those two help you, That’s okay.

But if you have:

Common cold beyond 3 weeks,

High fever,

Chest pain,

Very drowsy,

Not eating at all,

Serious chills,

Finding it hard to breathe,

Weakened immune system from cancer, diabetes, heart or kidney failure – Please in all the above cases

Speak with your doctor immediately.

Now to the HIV comment

Those symptoms are not automatically equal to having HIV.

But if you had risky sex or you share sharp objects with people in the last month prior to those symptoms – go and get tested for HIV.

It’s free anyway.

And it helps your peace of mind.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Olufunmilayo


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