See the list of 14 diseases transmitted by mosquitoes – Dr Ayeni

A gentle reminder that mosquitoes cause one million deaths every year. Diseases transmitted by mosquitoes include:

1. Malaria

2. Dengue

3. Yellow fever

4. Zika fever

5. West Nile virus

6. Filariasis

7. Chikungunya

8. Tularaemia

9. Rift Valley fever

10. Keystone virus

11. Japanese encephalitis

12. Western equine encephalitis

13. Eastern equine encephalitis

14. Venezuela equine encephalitis

list of 14 diseases transmitted by mosquitoes
The above is the list of 14 diseases transmitted by mosquitoes

Have you also wondered why mosquitoes have survived storms, strong wings and rains over the years? See the answer here..

Because of their relatively small mass, raindrops do not significantly alter the speed of mosquitoes. A partial hit on the mosquito by the falling drop causes it to rotate around its flight path. Mosquitoes were found to easily recover and resume their flight immediately after the impact. In the case of a direct hit by a raindrop, the mosquitoes were still able to literally separate themselves from the drop after traveling with the drop for a while without lethal damage and resume flight.

The annoying part is that these genocidal maniacs have no economic importance at all, maybe except the fact that they make money for the drug companies.

Use of Insecticide-Treated Nets protects you. Anytime you see or perceive them, go grab your insecticides & KILL THEM ALL…



My Doki, let me play devils advocate, that same mosquito and it’s malaria transmission was used as standard treatment for neuro Syphilis a terminal condition at the time as recent as the 1950’s, infact the pioneer won a Nobel prize in medicine in 1927,should we still kill it?

Why is AA genotype more prone to Malaria than AS genotype????
Adams Ayeni

Malaria is not exclusive to any Haemoglobin genotype. However, the presence of sickle haemoglobin (Hb-S) in red cells limits the development and multiplication of the parasite, hence individuals who are AS & SS have lesser incidence of Malaria.

Edward Onoriode

But come to think of it, if the story of Noah is true, why did he rescue those mosquitoes? He should have left them to die. Those creature are crazily deadly and should be wiped off the earth surface.

When I was in Somalia, I almost died of Dengue fever. That’s the first time in my life I heard of such sickness. My bones became stiff, during night, I’d have high temperature. During day, I’d be feeling a bit OK. But once its evening, I’d be shaking like mad. Deadly sickness!

Ayeni Odunayo

Me, I’m thinking this biotechnologist or biochemist should think of creating a cream that will be healthy to the human skin but deadly to mosquitoes and eventually scare them away. Abeg, make dem do research and come up with a solution.


So why are Mosquitoes not on top of the world most dangerous terrorists list?

Onitsha Amaka

Doc, can malaria drugs kill all these diseases
Adams Ayeni
No, antimalarial drugs can only cure malaria.


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