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This article is more of an interactive session where persons who have taken IELTS once or twice gave useful tips on they passed without stress.

You may learn one or two things from this discussion 👇

Guys this is just a quick one. I know many people have had challenges scaling IELTS and have had more than one attempt. What strategies for preparing did you find helpful after taking the exam more than once?

Peterson Ochorogor
Long response! I passed on my second attempt, having initially scored 6.5 in Writing on my first. I identified my weak area (writing) and maybe speaking- l scored 7 in this earlier. So l read ielts buddy’s ebooks on writing many times, read model essays on ielts buddy and “get band 9” so many times that l lost count. It made me understand the different essay types and how to tackle them.On D day, l started with writing task 2, finished it well, cross-checked for errors before l moved to task 1. Unfortunately, l didn’t quite finish task 1. I follow the exam with prayers oo. I scored L 8, R 8.5, W 7.5 S 7.5. So, just go through the materials several times. That should do it.

Magdalene Okpotu

Registering for a course and paying for correction service. That way I was able to identify my mistakes and worked on it. You will keep failing if you don’t know exactly what you are doing wrong. The exam, especially writing has a technique.

John E. Osakue

Personally I found the various YouTube videos on IELTS very enlightening and also combined that with the exercises in the RoadToIELTS app. It worked for me and I gave the same tip onto my wife when she needed to take the exam and it also worked for her. We both passed on first attempt…so I always advice people to focus on those options.

Jay Okocha

I found particularly helpful for the writing section. Their 1-week writing challenge helped with understanding the structure required for your writing. I am sure you will pass IELTS in one sitting if your follow their rules.

Bishop Oghenehero John

Well, I passed on my first attempt and it was down to great guidance from colleagues who had written before in the past.

Here are my tips for IELTS.

1. Give yourself a minimum of 6 weeks to prepare and make sure it is intensive for the final 2 weeks.

2. Familiarise yourself with what is required for each of the assessment. IELTS does not test your knowledge but rather your application of English. So don’t try to cram past questions but understand the methods to answering their questions.

3. For the LISTENING, focus is very key. Even if you missed a question try not to dwell on the mistake and move ahead with the narrator to answer the next questions. You can easily get a very high here if you focus but can fail if you lose focus or panic because of a mistake

4. For the READING, try to read the essays fast at first, then answer what you’re sure of first, then go back to the ones you’re not sure of last. Read the instructions carefully and understand the question types especially the tricky ones like True, False, Not Given or picking a phrase to summarize a paragraph.

5. The WRITING is the most difficult of them all. The best advice I can give you is to write the task 2 first because it carries twice the marks of task 1. Task 1 is often more demanding and a lot of people waste more time on it but it carries less marks. Make sure you read through your task 2 and correct any grammatical errors you may have noticed before going to task 1.

6. The SPEAKING test is quite straightforward. Just relax and enjoy the conversation with the examiner. Avoid the urge to speak phonetically because it will make the examiner not to understand your accent. They already communicate with Nigerians everyday so they can understand you clearly. Just be articulate in your thoughts, clear in your voice and don’t forget or panic. If you are still anxious you can tell the examiner that you’re a bit anxious they will understand. It is also not compulsory to finish the 2 minutes they will give you to talk about something. I didn’t finish mine. They said talk for 1 to 2 minutes. I stopped with about 20 seconds to go and just smiled at the examiner and told her thank you. She still waited for the last 15 seconds though before proceeding.

7. Finally, practice is the most important type of preparation. Make sure you practice up to 5 tasks for each under examination conditions. I mean using a pencil, timing yourself the required time and marking yourself objectively. The listening and reading are very objective so you can easily assess yourself on those with materials. However, the writing is another kettle of fish. You can attempt various writing tasks simulating exam conditions and timing. Then send your article by scan to a tutor to mark at a fee. I will be glad to also mark your essays if you send them to me.

pass IELTS in one sitting
Tips on how to pass IELTS in one sitting

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