Penis Dysmorphophobia: When A Guy Thinks His Penis Is Too Small, a body dysmorphic disorder also know as “small penis syndrome”.

IF THERE’S ONE THING I’ve learned from my two years of sexual and reproductive health counseling online, it’s that guys are as worried about their sexual lives as much as the ladies.
The only difference here, most times, is that the ladies are more willing, more forthright, when it comes to seeking professional help; while the guys, brimming with ego the size of the Pacific Ocean, would have to practically drag themselves to your inbox when the problem is about to throttle them.
However, recently, I’d noticed a surge in the health-seeking behaviour of guys, perhaps those in my circle, and it gives me so much joy because it’s my mission here to ensure a sound sexual, reproductive and mental health for everyone and their partners.
But alarmingly, their complaints, recently, had been unbelievably dragged to a particular direction; skewness, as it is known on the Gaussian curve.
While it’s often usual to hear ladies complain about a perceived abnormality in size or shape of a body part, the breasts, buttocks and hips, most times; these days, the guys are actually coming out in their numbers to lodge complaints, and there’s only one major culprit: the penis.

When it’s not about the size, then it’s the shape. And with this comes the need to use it to “destroy” or “vandalize” a woman in bed.
These boys choro igbu somebody’s daughter with knacks oo! 😂
I often hear guys complain about their penis being “small”, or bent to one side like say the thing get ‘bow leg’; some say it’s tiny like HB pencil 😂, while others say their own does not have enough akwara (dorsal veins, in this case), because they have been made by ladies to believe that only a ‘long and fat’ penis with a rich network of throbbing veins can adequately satisfy a woman in bed.
Biko, it’s not true!

This has pushed guys into what’s called penis dysmorphophobia. It’s a form of body dysmorphic disorder [see the original post on my timeline] where people are unduly worried about a perceived body abnormality to the point it causes them significant personal and social distress; however, such abnormality cannot be objectively seen by a third party, or where it exists, it’s too minute to cause such huge distress.

Penis Dysmorphophobia
Penis Dysmorphophobia can be very distressing

This penis dysmorphophobia [let’s call it PDP for short] has resulted in my guys coming to enquire about penis enlargement pills or devices.
Boys are not smiling oo! Anything that gives them the ability to dismantle and vandalize the lady’s ‘you know’ is welcome. 😂 😂
Lekwanu nsogbu!

And then you can’t rule out the fact that there’s this extra feel-good factor that comes when a guy has adequately carried out the task to the point that even the babe herself confirmed his prowess, or his weapon’s powers, in this case.😂 We’ve all been there before.

All of a sudden, you as a guy will begin to feel like Zedecus Zul Zorander. Your ego inflates so much you’re sure that even if you catch Denaerys Targaeryan, Queen of the Dragons 👑 🐉, you will tie her legs to the fan and knack her till she forgets about the Iron Throne 😂 😂.
The nwa ga ekwete! She must obey by fire 🔥 by thunder.

And as we know, once a sex-loving babe finds that one guy who can labour in her vineyard till her legs start to shake, she will employ him on a more permanent basis. The guy could even become the permanent secretary or Oga kpatakpata of them all, if he plays his cards well. 😂 😂
On this note, a normal guy with a normal-sized penis finds himself under undue pressure to enlarge his coast, as he believes his weapon is not adequate. The bigger problem with it is that failure to get lasting solutions tilts the dude to depression as well as into the other disorders of sexual functioning like impotence or even premature ejaculation.

Recently, I had a friend here in Benin-City who was so troubled by his “small” penis he spent money trying every and anything to enlarge it. He said he needed it to be like Ukwu Orji, the Iroko tree 🌲, cos he didn’t feel he was digging well enough each time a woman was in his bed. It wasn’t about the quality of his erection at all, which he said was “fantastic”. Oga just wanted or wished his penis were ‘odogwu na-aha,’ 💪, Ochiri ozua 1 of Umunwanyi 😂 😂.
The issue was so bad that he even began to lose sleep, and gradually slid into depression. With it, impotence crept in and his sexual urges dropped. It can be that bad.
And when I saw the “cigarette” he was beating up for being akakpo, a dwarf, in all honesty, it was normal in all ramifications. The problem was in his mind; my guy had developed PDP.
This is not to say that some men can’t have micro penis [I have written about it in the past too].
The pressure to impress in bed, to become agada gbachiri uzo nwoke amu ukwu, has turned a lot of young men into people with PDP as well as eternal penile enlargement treasure hunters.
This must stop, bikonu.

I understand the need to pleasure your woman in bed, and some of us who have the toolbox naturally ✌☺ may not fully envisage or understand the struggle, but penis dysmorphophobia is a confidence destroyer. And with it comes a domino effect, cos the attendant depression can be so pervasive it’d wreck the other aspects of a guy’s life, not just the sexual component. Never underestimate the power of depression.
It took me weeks of counselling, psychotherapy if you like, to bring the guy out of it. I totally discouraged the hunt for or the use of any purported penis enlargement pills 💊 or devices cos while many of them are not effective as touted, they are also fraught with a billion side effects that could be far-reaching.
Now the guy is fine and firing on all cylinders, his new babe is wondering whether he indeed is Zedecus Zul Zorander 😂 😂. Maybe he has suddenly become one.

Truth is that, while most babes would prefer men with huge penises [there’s nothing wrong with that because it’s same way we guys love big bumbum and boobs 😂 ] the size of the penis alone does not equal mind-blowing sex. In addition to the size, the dude should also know how to labour with it. It’s a thankless job most times, but a fulfilling one.
However, of equal importance is the fact that not all guys have huge penises, and they still labour well in the vineyard. This tells you that the secret does not always lie with a massive matchete like mma oge 🔪, if the skill is awesome, if you can work like an adept plumber, you can take her past cloud nine ☁. The subjective feeling of inadequacy is a thing of the mind.

Penis Dysmorphophobia
Penis dismorphic disorder

Never underestimate the power of mental health.
Right now I’m happy, because it was a job well done. I want everyone to have a resounding sexual, reproductive and mental health; it’s what gives me utmost joy.

You now see why I marry the three as a threesome? 👧 👦 👧 Who doesn’t love threesomes? [Don’t get ideas into your head, onye mmuo 😂 ].

+++Impossibility is nothing. Just believe+++

Credit: ~ Caséy Amaefule


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