Pawpaw Leaf for Broiler Benefits…

Pawpaw leaf meal will boost your Broiler chicken

One thing should know is that Pawpaw leaf meal can increase the weight of your broiler.

Pawpaw leaf meal is the powder that is Produced when you dry and assets to avoid loss of nutrients. Pawpaw leaf meal has four benefits when you give it to your broiler chickens.

One of the benefit is that it reduces the number of worms so it acts as a dewormer for our chickens. It’s going to kill all the worms. Worms compete with our chicken for nutrients. So if you kill the worms that will help the feeds that the chicken consume to be neutralized.

Pawpaw Leaf for Broiler Benefits
Pawpaw leaf is quite beneficial for poultry

The second benefit of giving pawpaw leaf meal either through feeds or drinkers, is that it increases the weight of our broilers.

Effect of pawpaw leaf meal for Broiler

Deworms the broiler

Fattens broiler

Helps broiler gain weight.

Pawpaw leaf meal cures coccidiosis. It reduces the coccidia oocytes. A study showed that the extract from papaya leaf can be used as an alternative to amprolium in the treatment of coccidiosis. Pawpaw leaf can however not cure coccidiosis in humans as rumoured.

The combo of neem leaves and pawpaw leaves works wonders in curing poultry diseases….

How to prepare pawpaw leaves for broiler/poultry

The Use of #Pawpaw in Organic Farming

Pawpaw is a great fruit enjoyed by humans but how many of us know that pawpaw leaves is used to #deworm chickens and also improve their appetite?

The Pawpaw, It seed, It leaves and branches all functions the same.

Pawpaw Seeds
When using the seed
They need to be first Sun Dried very well and then grind it into powder form.

You can either mix with their feed or water.

There is no quantity required but I believe the more quantity the more improvement.

1.Fresh Pawpaw Leaves

Blend the fresh leaves and mix with their water, your chickens will love it. They will consume all because of the sweet taste

2. Dry Pawpaw Leaves

You can either pound it into powder form and mix it with their water or soak it in water for two to three days when the color changes then serve your birds with the water.

3. Pawpaw leaves Branches

You can also use the branches and the root of the pawpaw by soaking it for three days and then administer to your birds

After administering these, you will notice there is a change in the the colour of their poops.

The powder can be used on all types of poultry and other livestock such as pigs, goats even cows.


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