An article on the fight komodo dragon vs honey badger who would win the fight?

I hope this article will put paid to the never ending argument:


This was the question I received most yesterday. So, let’s dive right in.

First, let me state that this fight can not happen in the wild. This is because HB and KD don’t live in the same area. A honey badger that will cross from Africa to Komodo Island in Indonesia will have to swim 9,304km in the Indian ocean.

Now, let’s say the fight happens, THEORETICALLY.
Honey badgers have sharp claws and powerful bites. They can also shoot stink spray at enemies. These weapons in their arsenal may not work against the Komodo dragon as KD has hard skin with strong scales that are reinforced with bony deposits called osteoderms.
Komodo dragons also have sharp claws and teeth with venoms for offense and HB has a reinforced thick skin that resists bites, stabs, and stings.

komodo dragon vs honey badger who would win
Komodo dragon fights Honey Badger

With these abilities, HB can escape KD attacks about 70-80% of the time (my own estimation, not based on any documented knowledge). It can then use speed to escape. Since HB would likely be immune to KD’s venom, it won’t be slowed down. However, if it was a fight to finish, KD will win and have HB for lunch.

One thing I love honey badgers for though, they defend themselves and move. They don’t stay on the same spot trying to kill a lion, leopard and the rest as they know they can’t. They will just resist all the attacks and make sure to let the attacker know that they’re not going to be the prey of the moment. Then, they move on. They don’t try to play the predator rope to these big cats, they just play the “I’m not your prey role” and move on. Smart guys

Thank you ☺️

Written by Arojinle, Animal Scientist


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