How to use boric acid for yeast infection…how to use boric acid for BV

It is true that boric acid capsules or suppositories have found good use in restoring vaginal health especially as regard restoring its PH.

These are some of the benefits of boric acid suppository to a woman;

1. Cures bacteria vaginosis

2. Cures yeast infection or candidiasis

3. Removes odour

4. Stops Discharge

5. Relieves Itching.


Boric Acid: The Secret Weapon for Women’s Health

Are you tired of dealing with recurrent vaginal infections? 😴 🥱 😪

Look no further than boric acid, the natural compound that’s been used for centuries to treat a range of health conditions. Here’s what makes boric acid a secret weapon for women’s health:

How to use boric acid for yeast infection
How to use boric acid for yeast infection stated clearly in this article

Say goodbye 👋 to stubborn yeast infections with boric acid’s powerful antifungal properties. Finally, you can stop feeling like a walking yeast factory 🏭.. 😊

Also, Bacterial vaginosis is no match for boric acid either. It’s been shown to be just as effective as antibiotics in restoring the balance of bacteria 🦠 in your vagina. It removes that foul smelling fishy odour

If you’re tired of the burning and pain that come with UTIs, boric acid can help alleviate symptoms and prevent future infections.

You can even use boric acid to maintain a healthy vaginal pH and prevent future infections. Boric acid slightly increases the acid of the Virginia making it more difficult for bacteria or fungi to multiply and cause infection.

Don’t let recurring vaginal infections hold you back any longer. Try boric acid and experience the natural relief you deserve.

Just be sure to consult with your doctor if symptoms persist.


How to use boric acid for yeast infection

It is easy. Insert the boric acid 1 capsule suppository morning and another one capsule evening for at least the first 5 days for you to start seeing positive results. You can also insert boric acid during your period, it is a little messy but no problem.

Be reminded that boric acid is a suppository not meant to be swallowed, taken orally or rectally. It is a vaginal suppository.

How long to insert boric acid for yeast infection:

For at least 5 days maximum of 7 days. By these time your thick milk like discharge, odour and itching should be gone.

How to insert boric acid

Wash your hands…this is to prevent you from introducing germs from you fingers.

Take a capsule of the boric acid.

Insert it while squatting or lying down with your two knees flexed. Ensure you insert it deep to prevent it from falling out.

Wear cotton undies that will absorb the initial discharge that accompanies melting of the the boric acid capsule.

This article also answers the question on how to use boric acid for bv -bacteria vaginosis.

Do same thing morning and evening for 5 days. And reassess.



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