pork benefits and side effects you should know

Do you think pork is bad for you? No, it isn’t.

Improperly cooked pork is bad for you no doubt. Why? It predisposes you to worm infestation.

But properly washed and cooked pork meat is very good for you. Pork is high in protein and rich in many vitamins.

The health benefits of pork

Pork contains all the nine essential amino acids which is necessary for growth and development of the body.

Pork contains various vitamins and minerals such as zinc, selenium, vitamin B6, thiamine, and much more.

The aforementioned vitamins and minerals play interesting roles in the body and pork is rich in them all. Lets me briefly drive you all through it in my legediz.

1. Boost immunity and male fertility

Zinc is good for your immune system, brain function, and it is also good for male sexual health. How? It helps in producing key sex hormones like testosterone. Zinc may also help the erectile and sexual function of men. Zinc is a sperm booster.

2. Pork and selenium – a fertility booster

The selenium in pork is needed by the body in trace amount, what does it mean when the body needs something in trace amount, and what is selenium?

When the body needs something in trace amounts, it means, it needs it in small amounts. Selenium is an essential mineral the body needs in small amounts to function well. Being an essential mineral it plays a lot of interesting and important roles in the body, what are the roles?

Selenium plays important roles in your sexual health, it also protects you from oxidative damage and infection, meaning, it’s good for your immune system.

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3. Rich in essential vitamins

Thiamine is vitamin B1 and it plays an interesting role in the body. Thiamine helps the nerves in our body to function properly.

And yes, you can get this nutrient from pork.

Vitamin B6 which is also contained in pork meat helps in metabolism and also benefits the central nervous system.

4. Perfect for the skin

Pork is also good for the skin – this is why chinese or Asians in general eat a lot of pork.

5. Pork has good cholesterol

Eating pork meat boost your good cholesterol called HDL. HDL is good for the heart.

Side effects of pork

You can get tapeworm infestations from eating poorly cooked or poorly washed pork meat. You can also get same tapeworm from poorly washed or undercooked beef, goat meat or mutton. Not only pork.

Bottom line:

Get fresh pork, wash it properly and make sure it’s properly cooked. Cook is properly. Very important. This is to ensure that you get rid of possible worms. Now, enjoy your pork.


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