There are lots of differences between a jaguar and a leopard but in this case, the most visible difference is their rosette (the shapes on their skin). Jaguar rosettes are often larger and more spaced out than those of leopards, more importantly jaguar rosettes have one or two dots/spots inside their rosettes. Check the first part of the video…the larger second part of the video is that of a leopard.

For leopard, their rosette are more closely packed and lacks that dot/spots in the middle.

I know some people got confused because the cat in the first part of this video is on a tree. Jaguars can climb. It’s just that they can’t climb as much as leopards. They also cannot carry their preys uptree like leopards do.


Jaguars are stockier and more robust while leopards are longer and slenderer.

Jaguars are primarily found in the Americas, with their range extending from the southern United States through Central America to South America. They are particularly associated with rainforests, swamps, and grasslands. Leopards on the other hand, have a much wider geographic range and are found in various parts of Africa and Asia.

They are different don’t know why people mistake them for each other jaguar have this bald spot on their nose area leopard have it hairy and the spots of jaguar are more golden like than the regular pale white and black of the leopard.

Jaguar has a bigger head and a stunky body compared to leopard with a smaller head and a slender body.

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