Why does your nose run when you cry anatomy?


See the explanation from the Anatomy point of view

❤️When we cry, we produce fluid through a place called tear duct Known as LACRIMAL DUCT located just under the eyelid. It runs down our eyes but sometimes, depends on the severity, we can have this fluid drains through what’s called NASOLACRIMAL DUCT which is the one that’s connected to our MUCUS MEMBRANE . When this fluid gets there, if there is a build up of mucus already, this water dilutes it And then it runs through our sinus then through the nose . Giving us a runny nose. If there is no build up of mucus in the sinus , the runny nose will be clear and won’t come with mucus.

Why does your nose run when you cry anatomy?
Why does your nose run when you cry anatomy?

❤️This LACRIMAL DUCT is also connected to the throat which is why When you add apply that eye drop, you can sometimes notice it makes its way through to your throat.

This is also why your mucus from the nose can be expelled through the mouth if you don’t want to blow your your nose.

❤️Why you can also drink soda and the gas makes its way to your nose . That burning sensation you have in your nose when you consume Carbonated drinks like Coke or Soda water.

❤️The same way you can choke on food especially with a lot of pepper and you can have the burning sensation in your nose.

❤️This is why you should check for Sinus infection when your nose will NEVER remain dry no matter the weather. You’re always having CATARRH . It’s not catarrh oo… it’s Definitely an INFLAMMATION OF YOUR MUCUS MEMBRANE and the medical condition is called SINUSITIS. You need to know why your Mucus membrane is always triggered to expel Mucus.


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