how to donate kidney legally in Nigeria for money…


A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure to place a healthy kidney from a living or deceased donor into a person whose kidneys no longer function properly or a person with dead kidneys

The main function of the kidneys is to filter and to remove waste and fluid from the blood by producing urine.

The kidneys also have blood forming function, hormonal function, and blood pressure regulating functions….

The following are the criteria for someone to donate the kidney.

✅The donor should be in good health
✅Should be above 18 years old
✅Be of a compatible blood group
✅Be willing to give his/her kidney
✅BMI should be less than 35
✅Not to smoke cigarettes at least 4 weeks prior to donation.

Legal kidney donors get between 8million to 13million naira in Nigeria. Black market kidney donors may get 7 million naira.

How to donate kidney legally in Nigeria for Money
How to donate kidney legally in Nigeria….know what the law says
Image Credit: Fresenia Medical Care

According to the National Health Act of 2014, engaging in illegal kidney donation racketeering (called black market organ donation) will earn you 2 years imprisonment with or without an option of fine of 1million naira.

Remember,it’s very expensive to do kidney transplant otherwise if you are funded by government or charitable institutions.

There are many intricacies associated with getting a donor, read the experiences of one Kaily John, a patient that needed kidney transplant and was looking for a donor….

My Transplant update…

“A little over a week ago we found out my mom isn’t a match to donate a kidney to me. Honestly, this has been a hard week processing this information since it came as a huge shock to me & my family. In order for someone to donate a kidney, the donor and recipient must be the same blood type. Me & my mom are both type O so from the very beginning we were sure that she would be a perfect match. One of the first tests to see if someone can donate is called crossmatching (this is to test the compatibility between the donor and recipients blood). Sadly, we found out my mom’s blood isn’t compatible with mine so she is unable to donate a kidney to me. We are now left with a few options moving forward.

First is for my mom to participate in the paired exchange program. This is where she would donate to a stranger that she is a match for and another stranger would donate to me. This isn’t necessarily a bad option but we’ve been told it would most likely take around a year to get matched through this program so we aren’t pursuing this option yet.

Second is for me to receive a deceased donor kidney through the transplant waitlist. I am already on the waitlist but the general wait time is around 3-5 years with my blood type having the longest wait. Transplant outcomes are also always better with a living donor versus a deceased donor so it isn’t ideal to wait for a deceased donor.

Third is to find a living donor that is a direct match to me. We’ve been told by my transplant team that this is my best option moving forward. Currently we’re pursuing finding a donor outside of family since I don’t have any other family that meets the criteria to donate. My transplant center requires that only one donor is tested at a time but we are certain that I will eventually be able to find a match.

At times like this, life truly feels so uncertain but I am beyond thankful for my incredible husband, family & friends. Most of all I am thankful for a God who is faithful to the very end.” 💛


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