Problems caused by large breasts [Large breast problems symptoms]

Women who suffer from Big, Large, Excess Breast medically known as Gigantomastia / Hypertrophy / Macromastia that are either Heavy, Long, Saggy and they usually cause health issues such as follows.

Problems caused by large breasts [Large breast problems symptoms]

• Spinal Cord Damage
• Back, Shoulder and Neck Pains
• Shoulder Grooves
• Poor Posture
• Numbness, Rashes, Redness and Itchiness
• Infections or abscesses
• Breast Pain
• Breathing problems / Shortness of Breath
• Migraines / Headaches
• Fatigue / Always feeling tired
•excessively large breasts can cause costochondritis, sleep apnea, rib pain, chest wall pain, breathing problems, rotator cuff problems and pain, shoulder pains etc
• Inability to Exercise or do certain duties at work
• Inability to find proper fitting Bra or Clothes
• Low Self-Esteem/Lack of Confidence
• Emotional Trauma / Depression
• Attracting unnecessary attention with negative / perverted comments from both Men and Women.
• Unhealthy sweats under the breasts
• fungi skin infection (dermatophytosis) under the breasts
•low back pain…big or large breasts can cause lumbar spondylosis.

Problems caused by large breasts [Large breast problems symptoms]
Nollywood actress, Coast Orjiokor once complained of the daily problems she battles with due to her excessively big breasts.

Causes of Big Breasts:

• Weight Gain
• Menstrual Cycle
• Puberty
• Hormonal Changes
• Pregnancy
• Contraceptives, Birth Control, Prevention Pills / Injections, etc
• Certain Medications
• Gynecological diseases such as poly-cystic ovarian disease (PCOS)
• Unhealthy / GMO / Processed Food
• Genetic / Genes
• Breast Lumps
• Breast Disease
• Sexual Intercourse (controversial)

Solutions for Big Breast:

• Healthy Diet: Eating healthy unprocessed foods, Drinking enough water
• Exercising: Exercising helps you to lose weight including your breasts
• Stop other medications and Contraceptives if possible
• Find proper fitting Bra (Temporary Solution)
• Breast Reduction Surgery

Is the plastic surgery procedure for reducing the size of large breast by removing excess fat, tissue and skin in order to have a proper smaller size proportionate to your body. Most preferred Bra Size by patients is Cup B and C.

Do you know that you can improve your well-being by getting a Breast Reduction surgery?

Yes you can.

For FREE at selective Public Hospitals or PAID at Private Hospitals or Private Plastic Surgeons and your Medical Aid might cover for this procedure (most times cosmetic procedures like breast reduction surgery are not covered by health insurance so you will have to pay out-of-pocket). There are however, advocacy groups that believes breast reduction surgeries are not always cosmetic because of the numerous problems associated with large breasts highlighted above. These advocacy groups want the procedure to be covered by health insurance.

Breast Reduction Surgery can offer significant health and cosmetic benefits to women with Big Breasts desiring Smaller Breasts.

Source: Breast Reduction Support Group in South Africa with contributions from


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