Can a fallen (sagging) breast rise again? Can saggy breast rise or stand again?

Lets Talk Breast Sagging

Breast Sagging is Actually a very Common topic among young Ladies and even guys, but the fact that most people dont know why breast sags and guys erroneously think when you have a saggy breast then its either you are promiscuous or you “move around” if you know what that means.

This is the reason why i decided to make some research about why women breast sag and what can be done to prevent breast sagging, Well Thankfully i was able to come up with some reasonable reasons why women breast Sag.


Regardless of your breast size, gravity play its role in changing our skin and ligament elasticity so that all breast tend to fall over the decade even the smallest ones, Having a zero cup size will not save your “tiny” breast from becoming saggy and deflated.


Did you know that the larger your natural breast are before pregnancy, the greater the fall? This is the bitter truth even though you have a beautiful full and perky breast in your early twenties. Pre-pregnancy breast size does not matter when it comes to breast sagging, while your breast may preserve their form after breastfeeding, overtime all breast tend to fall and there is pretty much nothing you can do about it.


Researchers have identified smoking as a top cause for breast sagging so this bad habit is not only harmful for your lungs but for your skin and mammary glands. You know what cigarette will make your breasts drop.


Breast Sagging and genetics, where is the connection you’d think, actually its a tie line, since your genes does not only define your breast size, they also play an essential role in determining the strength of ligament, elasticity of the skin and breast tissue density while there are no muscles to hold the breast high up and perky. The ligaments is really what you are left with.

Can a fallen breast rise again?
Can a fallen breast rise again?


Whether it is the Bra you wear during the day or the sports Bra you change into at the gym,not sporting proper support is a big reason for drop. The more your breasts bounce around, the more stressed breast skin and collagen become.

So make a stop in a lingerie shop today and buy the right bra for your Shape.

Most Male gender believe sagging of breast is caused by ….you what. Well, research shows that what causes the breast to sag most times is the skin loosing its elasticity.


A lot of people don’t know but saggy breasts is not caused by breastfeeding. New mothers often associate saggy breasts with breastfeeding; however, that is not true. Breast sagging occurs when women reach the end of pregnancy. This is because the additional weight that new mothers put on during pregnancy for enlarged milk ducts starts reducing once the breasts start shrinking. Combined with a reduction in the pregnant woman’s body weight, this leaves the breasts in a deflated shape. That breastfeeding does not make make breast fall is still very controversial.

Can a fallen breast rise again? Can a saggy breast rise again?

Many experts have suggested different ways of keeping the breast to stand but the truth is, these suggested solutions to saggy breasts do not work. For now, surgery is the only and most common method for improving the appearance of breasts. As a lady, if you are truly disturbed about your fallen breasts, you can go for:
● A breast lift surgery
● Breast augmentation surgery
● Simultaneous breast lift and augmentation
● Breast reduction with lift surgery.

Often times, most ladies just accept the new breast size and carry them with pride.



Spicy Fries.

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