How to use uda seed for breast enlargement? Can Negro Pepper be used for breasts enlargement?

Really? You actually thought that negro pepper popularly called uda in Igbo can make the breast bigger and firmer?…realy? Just how is the mechanism of action and what is the relationship between uda and big breasts?

Let me make this very clear to you today:

Uda cannot make the breasts larger

Uda cannot make the breasts firmer

Uda cannot be used for breasts enlargement

Uda cannot enlarge the buttocks…

Those social media influencers that advertise before and after pictures of their breast and buttocks after taking Uda seed water or after rubbing Uda on their breast for enlargement are scammers… Big time scammers I mean.

Here are some the facts and health benefits you need to know about uda seed.

So this morning, I’ll be highlighting some health benefits of negro pepper also known as Uda in Igbo, Kimba in Hausa and Erunje or Erinje in Yoruba.

It’s benefits cuts across age. Here are few benefits of this amazing spice👇
📌Regular consumption of negro pepper promotes weight loss to ensure healthy weight control.
📌The antioxidant properties in negro pepper helps to prevent and destroy the growth of cancer cells.
📌 Consumption of negro pepper by women after delivery helps to facilitate the healing of wounds in the womb and recovery process.
📌It helps boosts fertility in women.
📌The analgesic effect in negro pepper is good to reduce general pain.
📌Negro pepper is good in combating respiratory discomforts such as such as Asthma, Pneumonia and Bronchitis
📌 Regular consumption of negro pepper is good for the treatment of infectious ailment such as cold, cough and flu.
📌Nursing mothers should consume negro pepper to boost their production of milk and appetite.
📌It is also parked with antioxidant.
📌It might alos be used in the treatment of menstrual problems.
All these and more are the amazing health benefits of Negro pepper but not for breast enlargement.

Summary: Uda called Negro Pepper in English is a plant with numerous health benefits and medicinal properties but it cannot be used for breasts enlargement OR breast firming. Uda pepper when rubbed on the breast will burn your skin and even irritate the skin of your breasts and also serious pains. Be warned.

How to use uda seed for breast enlargement
How to use uda seed for breast enlargement…it does not work.

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