Health Benefits of abere seed and coconut water..What are the benefits of abeere?

Abere seed (miracle seed) and coconut water have found medicinal uses in diabetes , hypertension , weak erection, quick ejaculation, premature ejaculation and in the treatment of low libido.

The benefits of abere seed and coconut water will be highlighted below…

Health Benefits of abere seed and coconut water

Abere seed and coconut water for DIABETES AND PANCREATIC HEALTH.

Diabetes is the health condition where by the Pancreas is unable to perform it’s function of converting sugar from Carbohydrate consumed to Glucose for metabolic use in the body system. Not necessarily the rate of Sugar consumption, it is a disease of the Pancreas.


General weakness of the body, frequent urination and afterwards, the sugar ants will gathered where the urine is to feast on the surgery urine. Also, loss of body fluids due to frequency of urination, and subsequently loss of body mass and weight.


Get Abeere (Picture attached) (Huntaria umbellata seed)
Get Coconut water


Remove the shell of the Abeere, and grind to powdery form, then mix with the Coconut water, and put in a keg. Allow to ferment for 24hrs.


Take half glass of tumbler twice daily (morning on empty stomach and last thing before going to bed).

Please note: Always check your sugar level

Benefits of abere seed and coconut water
Abere seed is believed to be used in the treatment of high blood pressure, premature ejaculation, diabetes, fibroids, low libido and others

Abere seed and coconut water for quick ejaculation , premature ejaculation, weak erection and low libido.


Soak abere seed with coconut water and 4 pieces of garlic for 24hrs only and drink teaspoon or a shot.

Abeere can be chewed ( very bitter ) or grinded to be taken early in the morning. Abeere can be chewed(it is very bitter ooo) or grinded and mix with pap(akamu in Igbo), (Ogi/Koko in yoruba) to be taking early in the morning

How to use abere seed for hypertension or high blood pressure

For high blood pressure (hypertension) and elevated blood lipids: chew 2-3 seeds morning and night. It will help control your blood pressure but you will still need to see your doctor especially cardiologist.

Abere seed for fertility

Many persons especially women use abere seed to boost fertility and increase their chances of conception. Abere is used for manpower for men.

Abere seed for fibroid

It is in our folklore that abere shrink and cure fibroids. This is however not true, if you have fibroids, go and a doctor, preferably a gynaecologist.

Abere and pregnancy

Abere is safe in pregnancy, but please take with moderation and discuss this with your doctor.

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  1. I Have high blood pressure, when i was on treatment, Meladopin, my pressure was 190 to 170.
    But when a Doctor friend recommended Abere seed and I tried, my pressure is now dropped to between 135.

    Please how can I get this product. Id like to grow this plant even in a tin or container in my own home for myself and my family.

    Please advice me, how i can get and grow this product.

  2. I would like to grow this plant for my own consumption and family. I know it works , so id like to share with my family, many of whom are suffering from High blood pressure


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