List of dental procedures and prices in Ghana..

There are many dental procedures and dental surgeries carried out in both government owned and private dental clinics in Ghana that I will like to share with you for you knowledge and for those that needs dental care for their teeth problems. In this article, I will also tell you about the prices of dental procedures in Ghana.

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List of dental procedures and prices in Ghana

1 – Scaling and Polishing (Teeth Cleaning)

This is by far the most common reason people visit the dentist in Ghana. Many dentists recommend a scaling and polishing every six months, and some recommend once a year. Either way, it’s a very important part of oral health. Your own toothbrush will never be as efficient as the tools a dentist uses to clean your teeth.

A yearly or once yearly visit for a cleaning will keep your teeth healthy, shiny, and strong. Plus, a cleaning causes very little discomfort, so no need to be afraid!

Cost of Scaling and Polishing in Ghana: GHC 15 – GHC 40 Cedes

2 – Teeth Whitening

Like cleaning, whitening is a relatively painless process. Some people are sensitive to the whitening agents used though, but otherwise it’s an easy procedure that most dental offices can do. At home teeth whitening kits involve a lot of extra time and effort and wastage. You need to buy kits and spend a lot of time.

At a dentistry, bleaching is quicker and safer because it is performed by professional dentists. Most often, dentists use a special hydrogen peroxide gel and a special light source to whiten faster.

Teeth Whitening/Teeth Bleaching price in Ghana: GHC 600 cedes

3 – Extractions

Extractions sound scary and painful but the commonest procedures done in Ghanaian dental clinics. Admittedly, they are not the most pleasant of procedures. However, your dentist will do everything in their power to help you feel comfortable. You may need an extraction for any number of reasons especially rotten shaking tooth.

When having a tooth pulled, you’ll be given an injection to thoroughly numbed the area so you won’t feel pain. You won’t be able to feel a thing! You may be sore afterwards, but extractions are almost always to prevent further pain.

An extracted tooth can be replaced by an artificial one if you have the money…

Price of tooth extraction in Ghana: GHC 100 cedes

4 – Veneers

If your teeth are crooked or discoloured, your dentist might recommend veneers. These are very popular solutions to common tooth problems. It’s essentially a thin covering placed over the front section of a tooth or set of teeth. They’re mainly used for correctional purposes, but they can be used for whitening, too. The process is simple and painless for most people, and it’s easy for dentists to perform. It is also cosmetic.

Price of getting Veneers in Ghana: GHC 10,000 cedes

5 – Fillings

Cavities are all too common and all too easy to get. For most cavities, a filling is the recommended answer. Acids in food and inside your body can easily break down tooth enamel if overexposed.

Luckily, filling most cavities is a quick procedure. You’ll likely be numbed, which can last for a few hours after the filling is over. It usually takes about an hour to finish up, and then it’s good as new! You might feel pressure while they’re working, but it shouldn’t be painful.

Price of teeth filling in Ghana: GHC 80 – 110 cedes

List of dental procedures and prices in Ghana
List of dental procedures and prices in Ghana…

6 – Crowns

If your cavity is a little too big for a filling, or the top part of your tooth has decayed, a crown is the solution. These are usually two-visit procedures, but like the filling, shouldn’t be overtly painful. Your dentist will take a molding of your tooth so that a lab can craft a properly fitted crown to cover the decayed area.

Crowning in Ghana cost about: GHC 2,000.

7 – Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

ROOT CANAL TREATMENT aims to preserve your bad teeth instead of outrightly extracting it. Root canal diseases are usually preceded by some pretty awful tooth pain. A root canal means the tissue inside or under your tooth is infected and inflamed. To get rid of the pain, the dentist needs to deaden the nerve and remove the tissue. Sometimes you may need to take an antibiotic before the procedure.

The good thing is that you’ll be numbed before it happens, so you won’t feel any pain, just pressure. Once the procedure is over – and it can take a few hours – you’ll be numb for a while, but hopefully pain free since the infection will be gone.

Price of root canal treatment in Ghana: GHC 1,000 – GHC 2,000 cedes

8 – Braces/Invisalign

Most practices are moving away from traditional braces and towards Invisalign, but they both serve the same purpose. The goal is to straighten and correct crooked teeth, as straighter teeth are often healthier, finer and easier to take care of. Classic braces use metal and other materials to slowly tighten teeth back into place.

Invisalign is less visible and slower acting, but still a very effective method to achieve the same goal. The procedure to have them put on can leave a little ache, but nothing too extreme.

Price of dental braces in Ghana can be as high as GHC 15,000 cedes more

9 – Bonding

This is another way to repair damaged or chipped teeth. It involves a resin – a sort of plastic – that your dentists tints to match the natural shade of your teeth. It’s less invasive than some other methods, especially for smaller imperfections. Several layers are needed to really secure the resin, and a light is used to “dry” each layer. The spot is then polished and cleaned so it fits naturally into the tooth. It’s an easy procedure, but can take a little while.

Dental bonding in Ghana cost about Ghana 7,000 cedes.

10 – Dentures

Dentures are usually associated with ageing, but a lot of people may need dentures. They are meant to replace teeth in a natural way, and they’re typically removable. Fitting for dentures is very common, and it takes a while. In the end, it’s worth it to have a full set of working teeth again.

Getting dentures in Ghana cost about GHC 12,000 cedes in price.

11. Dental Implants

In Ghana, dental implants cost about GHC 12,000 cedes.

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  1. I need a full mouth implant. I already have all of my teeth removed except two , and gone through about all mouth surgery waiting for the teeth. Can u give me an idea of how much the cost will be to complete the process?


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