Meet Dr Salma Ibrahim Anas, the Newly appointed Special Adviser on Health to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Twiiter Handle: @salmaanaskolo

Dr. Salma has over twenty-five years of experience in Health Sector Development.

She has experience in health sector policy formulation, strategic development, resource mobilization and implementation of various health programmes at international, regional and national levels.

Her technical skills and expertise cut across Health Systems Strengthening with particular reference to PHC and Health System Strengthening and a passion for improving access to quality Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child Adolescent and Elderly Health plus Nutrition (RMNCAEH+N) services, including Sexual and Reproductive Rights, as well as Gender Based Violence. She is vastly experienced both in the public and the private sector.

Dr Salma Ibrahim Anas
Dr Salma Ibrahim Anas, current SA on Health

She is currently the Director, Family Health Services at the FMOH where she leads key Divisions including Reproductive Health, Child Health and Gender, Adolescent, School Health and Elderly Care (GASHE), Nutrition and Health Promotion Divisions.

Prior to that she had been the Director/Head Special Projects & National Coordinator Health Sector Humanitarian Crisis Response of the Federal Ministry of Health, Nigeria.

At the state level, Dr Salma has been a two-time Honorable Commissioner of Health for her state of Borno where she led the state at the peak of that region’s humanitarian crisis where her excellent performance accorded her many awards from various organizations including an award for the best performing Commissioner in the Northeast on Polio Eradication. In the private sector, Dr Salma has been the Assistant Country Representative/Head Reproductive Health/HIV, United Nations Funds for Population Activities (UNFPA), Nigeria;

the National Team Leader for the DFID-funded MNCH2 project and the Deputy Country Director, Strengthening Nigeria’s Response on HIV/AIDS (SNR)/DFID, Family Health International (FHI).

She has also served as a Country Officer on HIV/STIs for the World Health Organization Sana’a, Yemen.

She is from Borno state. Married with children.


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