Is brown basmati rice good for diabetics?

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All rice types are classified under the sources of food- carbohydrates. You may wonder, isn’t brown basmati rice a carb food, Is brown basmati rice good for diabetics?

This article aims to answer all your questions.

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Rice is an important staple worldwide. It is consumed by all and sundry. Basmati rice is one of the commonly grown rice types. It is available in two types: the brown and white.

The brown basmati rice is unmilled, meaning its nutrient-rich germ and fibrous bran layers are retained. Unlike the white basmati rice, whose fibrous bran and nutrient-germ layers have been processed.

Brown basmati rice has little or no fats, cholesterol and sugar. It has 34 grams of carbs and 4grams of fiber.

Since, it contains fiber, it can’t be digested by the body. Hence, doesn’t add up to your calorie count. The presence of fiber also prevents overweight or obesity, a common risk factor of diabetes. It does so by burning fat, and maintaining a healthy weight.

Is brown basmati rice good for diabetics?
Is brown basmati rice good for diabetics? Yes

The type and quantity of carbs you eat is important to your blood sugar levels, especially when managing diabetics. Brown basmati rice can be said to be a healthier alternative to white rice.

It is packed in essential minerals and fiber proven to be beneficial for diabetics. Adding this staple food in moderate amounts to your diets will help with regulation of your blood glucose levels.

Refined grains like oats and white rice have a higher glycemic index. This mean that natural sugars are absorbed into the bloodstream rapidly, and thus, can cause a spike in blood sugar levels. An increase in blood sugar levels an increase your risk of diabetes.

Brown basmati rice, on the other hand has a lower GI score, compared to other grains or rice types. If at risk of diabetes, brown basmati rice can become part of your healthy eating routine.

This means that once digested, energy or natural sugars are released slowly into the blood stream. Thereby, stabilizing your blood sugar levels. All which are crucial to the management of diabetes.

Brown basmati rice is a nutritious gluten grain that contains minerals, vitamins and other nutrients in significant amounts. Frequent consumption of brown basmati rice can prevent the development of diabetes. It can also assist with stabilizing glucose levels. Brown rice also assist with reducing the risk factors of diabetes by burning fats, controlling weight and curbing appetite.

Brown basmati rice can be eaten at any time of the day. Safe to say, brown basmati rice is good for diabetics.


A healthy mix of well-balanced diet is necessary for maintaining health, particularly for people with diabetics. The nutritional value of brown basmati rice makes it safe and healthy for consumption. This whole grain can be a healthy addition to your diet, as long as you consume in moderate amounts.

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