How to lose weight fast naturally and permanently…

How did I lose the weight?

Many ask and want to try it. Keto and AF. If you really want to do keto, do strict keto, no keto products, it’s all bs. Read ingredients! If you do it right you’ll lose weight and inflammation, feel better than you have in years.
Throw out bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, soybean and canola oil and sugar, just throw it away and never buy or consume it again, for starters.

Buy meat and seafood, butter, cheese, sour cream, avocados, chosen or primal brand mayonnaise ( made with avocado oil), cream cheese, eggs, heavy whipping cream, cauliflower, broccoli and green beans.

Pan sear any meat or seafood in butter, ghee or olive oil and remove from pan. Deglaze the pan with 1/2 cup chicken, vegetable or beef stock, cooking wine or lemon juice. Reduce by half and whisk in 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream for a delicious restaurant quality healthy fats sauce for your meat! Can add garlic and capers to white wine or lemon juice sauce for chicken or fish ( garlic lemon sauce is great over asparagus too) asparagus and Brussels sprouts are acceptable veggies in moderation, too. Veggies have carbs, these are the low carb high fiber veggies. Keto is low carb, heavy healthy fats in order to turn your body into a fat burning machine we have to purge the glucose ( carbs turn into sugar in the body and the body burns glucose aka sugar before burning fat. Get rid of the glucose source so your body stops storing the fat and burns it instead.

How to lose weight fast naturally and permanently
How to lose weight fast naturally and permanently

After you’ve gotten into ketosis ( fat burning mode) add intermittent fasting. Start at 16:8. That’s 16 hours of no consuming calories at all. Drink tons of water, water with lemon or cucumber, black coffee and unsweet tea. Sleeping hours count so set the fasting window after you’ve had your last meal, go to bed , skip breakfast. Breakfast is one of many lies we’ve been told. No one needs to eat first thing in the morning! First meal of the day is called breakfast because it’s breaking your fast. Has nothing to do with morning!
You have an 8 hour window to eat. Doesn’t mean to eat for 8 hours and if you’re fat adapted you won’t want to. You don’t get as hungry as you would think. People often mistake thirst for hunger so drink before eating. Wait 30 minutes and if you’re still hungry, eat.

Side dish recipes- make a cheese sauce to top any if your low carb veggies with- heavy whipping cream, cream cheese, shredded cheese ( shred it yourself, prepackaged adds potato starch to keep from sticking together) how much depends on the consistency you desire. Experiment! Try different cheeses besides cheddar, sharp white cheddar, Gouda, etc.
twice baked cauliflower- steam cauliflower, mash ( doesn’t mash as easily as potatoes and doesn’t have to) add all the same as you would potatoes- heavy whipping cream always instead of milk ( milk has sugar, half and half has less sugar , HWC has no sugar) butter, sour cream, cheese, crumbled bacon and chives. Bake a bit then top with shredded cheese and bake some more. So good!

Keto snacks to keep on hand- cheese, meats, olives ( think charcuterie with no crackers) cheese stuffed jalapeños wrapped in bacon and baked ( I pre made and packaged 2 or 3 in freezer bags to pull out and fresh bake) crispy bacon slices slathered with cream cheese, deviled eggs ( be sure to use avocado oil Mayo and dill relish, the sweet has sugar), boiled eggs ( eggs done any way!)

Step up your fasting game a little at a time. Go to 18:6, then 20:4, push it to 23:1 or OMAD ( one meal a day, my favorite) and if you really want to lose weight quickly do 72 hour fasts. Yes, you CAN do it! I did and it wasn’t hard. DRINK and add electrolytes. I hit my Pilates reformer when I thought about food. Rolling 72’s are when you fast for 72, refeed ( eat a keto meal) and fast another 72 hours. Roll on as long as you like, you will drop pounds!
Focus on weight loss first. You’ll notice inflammation you never knew you had be gone. Stiffness in joints you attributed to aging disappears. You’ll have energy. This is when you begin your workout to tone up and cut that waist. WALK. Walk briskly, you have to MOVE. Don’t talk to a friend or be on your phone. I prefer Pilates to anything but choose your way to get in weight training and cardio. Weight training builds muscle and reduces saggy skin you’ll have from weight loss.

You can get healthy and get off medications. Many type 2 diabetes people get rid of it completely!

Apps I used are FastEasy and KetoDiet but there are many out there.

Pay attention to keto recipes. Some people mean well but aren’t accurate. YOU have to know what is and what is not a Keri ingredient. Low fat is never Keto, for example. Only fruit I would have is black and raspberries in moderation with mascarpone cheese if you must have something sweet. Heavy whipping cream in coffee instead of half and half ( and you’ll like it better) Whole Earth sweetener ( and most Starbucks has it) if you must use sweetener and only if you’re not fasting.

Yes, you can have Starbucks occasionally! Google keto items at Starbucks. There is a 1 carb drink! I do mean OCCASSIONALY as I don’t trust the ingredients in their sugar free syrups.

Ladena Miller


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