The Health Benefits of Kanafuru you should know and enjoy.

Kanafuru the native name of cloves in yoruba. The spice originated from Indonesia. It belongs in the family Myrtaceae.

Kanafuru is a known fertility booster for both men and women and has been reported to have the ability to cure male and female infertility.

Kanafuru is usually soaked in water. Men and women drink the water to treat infertility, boost ovulation and immunity.

Here is the health benefits of Kanafuru you should all know and enjoy.

Health Benefits of Kanafuru

1. Boosts ovulation

Drinking Kanafuru water is believed to boost ovulation and increases a woman’s chances of getting pregnant especially with twins. Many folklore women trying to conceive take Kanafuru water to aid ovulation. Kanafuru is believed to increase the secretion of luteinizing hormone (LH). LH is the hormone that charges the ovaries to release egg during ovulation and menstruation causing you to release many eggs

2. Reduce menstrual cramps

Drinking Kanafuru water during your ovulatory period reduces menstrual cramps and can cause you to release many eggs.

3. Regularization of menstruation

Women with ceased menstruation had their menstrual flow restored after taking Kanafuru soaked in water every morning and evening for months

4. Boosts sperm count and sperm motility

Drinking Kanafuru water first thing in the morning has reportedly helps in boosting sperm count, increase sperm production, improve motility, and semen/sperm volume. Men with low sperm count or motility will benefit from Kanafuru.

Health Benefits of Kanafuru
The Health Benefits of Kanafuru are Limitless

5. Twining: Cloves for conceiving twins?

There is a community called igbo-ora in Ibadan that has the Guinness Record of having the highest number of twin deliveries in the world. It was found that the women in this community eat a whole lote of Kanafuru and use it for herbal preparation. The high twin rate was partly attributed to the high consumption of Kanafuru by scientists

5. Boosts libido

Drinking Kanafuru water helps increase testosterone level in the blood. Testosterone is the primary libido booster in both males and females.

6. Enhances erection

To make Kanafuru (clove ) for good male action, you can soak or boil your Kanafuru in water along with liquid peak milk or honey and drink daily few hours before other room actions.

7. Kanafuru can help protect against aging. …

Kanafuru is rich in antioxidants that enriches the skin removing toxic aging chemicals and replacing damaged skin via rejuvenation.

8. Kanafuru can be used as a cough suppressant.

A combination of Kanafuru and honey suppresses cough giving you great relief. Kanafure plus honey is also a great cough expectorant.

9. Kanafuru and constipation

The high fibre in Kanafuru helps in improving bowel movement and treating constipation

10. Kanafuru aid weight loss

Ladies on weight loss journey will benefit a great deal from Kanafuru. This is because of its high fibre content.The high fibre in Kanafuru (cloves) encourage early satiety and remove excess body fats thereby sliming you down.

11. Kanafuru and diabetes

Kanufuru water lowers blood sugar and a perfect drink for persons living with diabetes

12. Kanafuru lowers high blood pressure

Do you know that Kanafuru water is good for hypertension? It does. Kanafuru does this through a special chemical it contains called nitric oxide. The nitric oxide in Kanafuru helps to relax the blood vessels causing lower blood pressure and controlling hypertension.

13. Lower blood cholesterol

Drinking Kanafuru helps the declog your blood vessels of excess cholesterol thereby ensuring sufficient blood gets to your heart, brain, lungs and other parts of the body.

14. Kanafuru removes kidney stones

Kanafuru is a kidney detoxing herbs that cleanse the kidneys…it is a natural diuretic that flushes the kidneys and removes small kidney stones.

15. Promotes good sleep

Do you know that Kanafuru water promotes good sleep? Persons with insomnia should try Kanafuru and testify later. Take it before bed please.

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