Does watermelon increase sperm count? Does water melon boost sperm production?Does watermelon increase testosterone?

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Scientifically referred to as Citrillus lanatus, the watermelon fruit is common fruit cultivated and consumed all around the world, including Africa. It belongs to the plant family, Curcurbitaceae.

Although loaded with a high water content (about 92%), watermelon is nutrient packed. It is loaded with essential nutrients. It is a rich source of vitamins, particularly vitamins A and C in high amounts. Research has shown that the therapeutic effects of watermelon is due to its antioxidants activities and compounds such as phytochemicals.

Does watermelon increase sperm count?
Does watermelon increase sperm count? Yes… watermelon is a sperm booster.

Recent studies have also reported the evidence of watermelon extract in enhancing sperm count. Reports also revealed the significance of this fruit to men. Watermelon does help increase sperm count, as well as its quality motility and viability, as well as in maintaining hormonal levels. Regular consumption of watermelon greatly improves sperm motility and viability, as well as regulate the production of testosterone, which is the male sex hormone. This is attributed to the effects of phytonutrients in the fruit.

A key phytonutrient responsible for the positive and beneficial effects derived from consuming watermelon is citrulline. Citrulline assists the body with vasodilation, that is, opening up of blood vessels to attain a healthy blood flow.

Just like Viagra, citrulline boosts sexual performance in men. Additionally, it can be converted into arginine by the body. Arginine is a key amino acid also known to boost sperm count in men. An increase in sperm count can prevent a lot of erectile dysfunctional issues in men. Some of which includes: poor performance, erectile dysfunction, poor and weak erection. With a regular consumption of watermelon, as a man, your secz life can be spiced up. You’ll get to last longer in bed and have woody er*ctions. Watermelon does this by increase the level of testosterone in the blood.

In addition to an increase in sperm count, watermelon offers other fertility benefits. Watermelon can help increase blood flow to the pelvic region; thereby, stimulating arousal and desires. It improves libido level, and strengthens erections. Lycopene, a pigment found in red plants, vegetables and other red-tinted fruits has also been linked to sperm count. It has been shown to enhance some measures of sperm count. It improves the concentration, motility, and quality of semen. Lycopene provides a lot of great benefits to both men and women, from boosting skin health to reducing your risks of cardiovascular diseases. This pigment can be found in red plants such as grapefruits, tomatoes, including watermelons.

The benefits of watermelon are so immense, therefore, eat up as much as you can. You can try a ton of recipes to fit this amazing fruit into your diet. Great news is that it contains little calories (50 calories), making you worry less over health concerns.

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