Benefits of drinking honey with warm water at morning

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Drinking honey with warm water at morning can be beneficial in so many ways. Honey is packed with lots of vitamins, beneficial bioactive compounds, minerals, antioxidants and other properties. When mixed with warm water, becomes a remedy for both your general health and skin inclusive.

Read on to find out the benefits of drinking honey with warm water at morning.

Benefits of drinking honey with warm water..

Honey with warm water provides a lot of benefits, all thanks to the incredible properties of honey.

Here are some of the benefits of drinking honey with warm water:

Has healing effects: Due to the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of honey, the mixture of honey in warm water has the ability to heal wounds and burns on the skin. It can also be used to treat diabetic foot ulcers. To use, apply this mixture topically on the skin.

Benefits of drinking honey with warm water at morning
Honey mixes with warm water is good to start your morning

Treats cough: Asides its healing properties, this is also one of the renowned benefits of honey. Drinking honey with warm water can help reduce the severity of cough, especially in children. Additionally, it can help treat minor respiratory infections.

Promotes weight loss: Most people drink this mixture because of its weight loss properties. A glass of honey with warm water is usually recommended to individuals who wants to lose and maintain a healthy weight.

Research has shown that that this blend of honey, warm water, (and lemon) could hasten your weight loss journey by speeding up your metabolism, and burning fat. Consumption also makes you fuller for a longer period of time and curbs appetite. Thus, promoting weight loss.

Improves digestive system: Not only does it improve your metabolic rate, but drinking honey with warm water at morning prevents digestive issues such as stomach upset, bloating etc. It solves the problem of indigestion by making food digestion a lot easier.

Keeps your body hydrated: Both honey and warm water possess moisturizing properties that can keep you hydrated throughout the day. A hydrated body allows for proper functioning of other organs. It also creates room for a healthy body and mind to carry out day-to-day work activities effectively.

Boost immunity: Honey and warm water is an effective immunity strengthener all together. Drinking this mixture regularly can help strengthen your immunity, as well as prevent you from getting ill too often. The antioxidant and antimicrobial properties in honey helps fight off free radicals, bacteria, and microorganisms capable of causing infections and illnesses.

Reduces inflammation: Honey contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce swelling and pains due to inflammations. From bruises to cuts on joints, bones and muscles, this mix can also help relieve pain and soreness.

Aids detoxification: Drinking honey and warm water at morning also contains amazing detoxification properties that can assist with flushing out toxins from your body.

Brightening your skin: This list is incomplete without the mention of the skincare benefits attached to drinking honey and warm water. Some of which includes: making your skin glow, treating acne, and blemishes. Constant exposure of your skin to pollution, dirt, and other oxidative agents, can predispose your skin to premature ageing. However, regular use of honey and warm with first thing at morning can help protect your skin against these oxidative agents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When is the best time to drink honey and warm water?

This blend of honey and warm water can be taken at any time of the day. However, it is best consumed first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach.

How to consume honey and warm water?

Add a spoonful of honey to a glass of warm water. To increase its efficacy, you can add lemon juice or any other natural sweetener as you desire. More so, ensure the honey used is purely organic.

Is it okay to drink honey and warm water daily?

Yes, it is okay to drink honey with warm water every day.


Although this is a natural mixture, going overboard with consumption could lead to negative effects. Therefore, it’s important to consume in moderation.

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