Is Three Chord Bourbon good…three chord bourbon health benefits and review

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Some casual reading! Some health benefits of Three #Chord Bourbon;

Is Three Chord Bourbon good? See the health benefits

Three #Chord #Bourbon is low-carb drink. The American Society of Clinical Nutrition suggest that moderate intake of bourbon increases energy and decreases the desire for sugar.

#Three #Chord #Bourbon has a high level of ellagic acid, a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes cancer causing free radicals in the body.

Three #Chord #Bourbon in moderation can help prevent strokes. The blood- thinning properties can lower the risk of ischemic stroke (clot-caused).

#Three #Chord Bourbon acts as a decongestant by dilating your blood vessels, add some lemon and honey to help loosen the mucus!

Is Three Chord Bourbon good? See health benefits
Three chord bourbon is said to be good health wise but alcohol is bad for your health

Three Chord Bourbon can soothe a sore throat. The alcohol in whiskey acts as an antiseptic and numbing agent on aching tonsils.

Three #Chord #Bourbon can prolong your life! According to a study released by Research Society in 2010 on alcoholism, found that middle-aged and older adult moderate drinkers had an overall lower mortality rate than heavy drinkers and even non- drinkers!



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