Can I add ginger to my baby pap?

Ginger it s relatively safe in one year old babies so, you can add ginger to your baby’s pap. It is safe and healthy…Make some pap and mix it with a little or ginger powder before giving it to your baby. Not all paediatricians agree that ginger should be added to baby’s pap though. Many are strongly against it being given to a child less than a year.

Can I add ginger to my baby pap?
Can I add ginger to my baby pap? Add a little.

Please do not add garlic to the pap of your baby. It is very unhealthy.

Healthy food supplements you can mix with your baby’s pap (akamu) to make it more nutritious and tasty are crayfish, milk, ginger, groundnut powder, soyabeans powder, sugar, etc.

It is important that you not to add beverages like Milo and bournvita to your baby’s pap if she or he is less than one year of age.

Be careful what you give your infant babies to eat please.

When you’re done giving your babies the wrong kind of meal you all rush to the hospital expecting health workers to perform overnight miracles on them. It’s better to prevent than start running around for cure. Stop giving paps to children less than 6 months, a word is enough for the wise that chose to listen.


There are 1001 other options of baby food, so no need to worry or force your baby to take pap. Pap and cereals SHOULD NOT BE THE ONLY meals your baby is taking as complementary food.

You need to understand the concept on how to introduce complementary feeding. You must not start with pap other food sources can be given but in semi-solid form.

SUMMARY; Do not give pap to children less than 6 months…during complementary feeding, you can add ginger to your baby’s pap but in little amount …it is safe but paediatricians believe ginger should not be given to babies below 1 year.

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