Can I add Milo to my baby’s pap?Can I add bournvita to my baby’s pap?

You can add Milo beverage to the pap (akamu) of babies older than 1 year. Do not however, add Milo to the pap of infants below one year neither should you add Milo to the pap of 3 , 6, 8, 9 or 12 months old babies. This is because they can develop tooth decay or dental caries…. according to paediatricians.

Can I add Milo to my baby's pap?
Can I add Milo to my baby’s pap? No.

Also, Milo contains some amount of caffeine which should not be given to babies….so you see why Milo should not be added or mixed with a baby’s pap?

You should also not add bournvita to your baby’s pap for same reason please. Ovaltine also should not be mixed with baby’s pap or akamu.

You can add sugar, milk, crayfish, groundnut powder, soyabeans powder, etc to your baby’s pap. Do not add honey to pap please….it can cause your baby a deadly disease condition called botulism.

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