What to drink to last longer in bed for ladies…What to drink to last longer in bed in Nigeria for ladies. Libido booster drugs for females in Nigeria

A lot of articles and researches have always beeen about enhancing male libido and duration in bed while little or near to nothing have been done or said about female sexual health as regards lasting long in bed…a woman also deserves to last much longer in bed just as a man.

Just like sidenafil, clomipramine, tadalafil, burantashi and some herbal bitters are used by men to sustain erection, boost libido, make them last long in bed etc. There are of course some drugs and drinks that a woman can take or drink to make them last longer too…But before i discuss them, there are some things you need to know about female sexuality….

What to drink to last longer in bed for ladies
What to drink to last longer in bed for ladies

Do you know Libido means sexual desire. It is a kind of energy that women experience when aroused sexually. Lack of libido in females is more common than in males. A woman can experience libido due to many factors including stress, depression, medications and health issue.

Do you know there are numerous factors that can diminish the female libido and these include fatigue, restlessness, stress and sudden changes in the weather. The brain is one of the factors too. Many women may wonder how the brain is linked to their sex drive.

Do you know in women, the hormone known as estrogen helps to control their sex drive. The desire to have sex usually arises from the part of the brain known as the hypothalamus. Lack of libido in females arises when signals are unable to reach the hypothalamus.

Do you know performance issues can make sex unfulfilling and dissatisfying for them. In most cases, women are unable to let their partner know that these sexual health issues are affecting their sex life as well as making them less interested in engaging in sexual activities with them.

Luckily, it’s surprisingly easy to get it back. A Positive lifestyle changes, such as getting more sleep and exercise, can also make a huge difference. But Natural & herbal supplements are also a good bet for increasing your sex drive or libido.

Fortunately for women, there are natural supplements and drugs that can help to naturally increase the libido in women & address other sexual health issues such as vaginal dryness.These are some of d best natural female libido enhancers guaranteed to bring back your libido and maximum satisfaction…

Here are the foods, drugs, fruits, preparations and drinks ladies can take to make them last longer in bed and boost their stamina…

1. Dates, coconut and tiger nut smoothie

2. Water melon and water melon juice

3. Milk

4. Milk shakes

5. Flibanserin (tested drug)

6. Addyi (tested drug)

7. Provestra

8. Kanya mata

9. Cucumber

10. Female ignite (from Nitrilife)

11. Water. Water is vital for female lubrication…a dehydrated woman is a dry woman

12. Coconut water

13. Alcohol and alcoholic drinks like star radlar, Guinness stout etc

14. A small cup of burantashi

15. Black bullet energy drink and other energy drinks.

16. Kunu drink

17. Eat tiger nuts

18. Cranberry and Cranberry juice

19. Drugs like sidenafil , and tadalafil are also believed to boost female sexual stamina.

20. Finally, you cannot last long without food in your belly. Haha

I will come back to tell you more about female aphrodisiacs.

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