Can a biochemist do masters in Pharmacy?


Biochemistry is a branch of science that deals with the chemical processes within and outside of living things. Biochemistry is a laboratory based science that combines biology and chemistry. It is a paramedical course. You can study biochemistry in the university in two forms: (1) Medical Biochemistry (2) Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry (BSc. Biochemistry). The course spans for 4 years.

Can a biochemist do masters in Pharmacy?
Can a biochemist do masters in Pharmacy?
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Pharmacy is the clinical health science that links medicine with chemistry and it is charged with the discovery, production, disposal, safe and effective use and control of medications and drugs. You can study Pharmacy in the university and receive a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree (B.Pharm) after 5 years of study in the university.

Yes, a Biochemist can have a master’s degree in Pharmacy and it is an appropriate proposition due to the content of the master modules being an extension of the knowledge gained during the BSc in Biochemistry. However, this does not mean they will be Pharmacists. Pharmacology relies heavily on Biochemistry since they intend to use these chemical substances in living organisms. Biochemistry and Pharmacy are both closely related but they are different disciplines.

Concerning what area to study in the masters in Pharmacy, Biochemists most times do best in the areas of Pharmacy which are closely related to the biological sciences or in their line of work such as Analytical Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. As a Biochemist you would have to do a Post Graduate Diploma before the masters and requirements vary from school to school.


With your Pharmaceutical master’s degree, you can work in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Lecture and work with regulatory agencies like the National Agency for Food and Administration and Drug Control (NAFDAC) and the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON). Having a masters degree in Pharmacy does not qualify a Biochemist to establish a Pharmaceutical Industry or work in a community Pharmacy.

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