Can eating too many instant noodles kill you?

Instant noodles may not outrightly kill you when you eat it too much but let me assure you, instant noodles can mess up your health and life eventually. Even though you put vegetable, fish and meat in your noodles, the single fact that it does not it does not contain fibre and other essential nutrients, indomie instant noodles is never the best for you. People who eat too much of instant noodles can develop constipation, obesity, malnourishment, renal problems because of the too much sodium , and sever allergies from the “white Maggi”… monosodium glutamate.

Can eating too many instant noodles kill you?
Can eating too many instant noodles kill you?

In the real sense, instant noodles can kill you in the long run if you don’t cut down on it. This is because it can cause heart diseases and cholesterol buildup in your blood vessels….this can clog your blood vessels leading to stroke and cardiac arrest.

I hope this is clear enough for you to understand….reduce eating instant noodles every day and time….eat real food that will give you energy, proteins, vitamins, minerals, calories, and fibres….This food will give you nourishment not noodles.

How instant noodles can eventually kill you.

Eating too much noodles


Obesity, malnutrition, sodium buildup in the blood, cholesterol clogging blood vessels, obesity….


Organ failure and sudden death

Is this clear enough?

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