Can auxiliary nurse work in Canada?

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I got this message from an a Nigerian lady who happens to be an auxiliary nurse….she want to find out if she can work in Canada, the United States of America (USA) or the United Kingdom (UK) with her auxiliary nurse certificate band training…

Her message:

Good morning doctor and thank you for all you do for the African Community…Your article is so relatable and very pragmatic. Doctor, my name is Ronke. I am 28 years old and a nurse assistant (auxillary nurse) working in Lagos. I am planning to migrate to either Canada, USA or the UK ( I have not decided the country I want to go and settle in yet)…the reason is because I don’t know which of these listed countries will allow me work with my auxiliary nurse certificate…I trained for two years in a private hospital and I was taught basic patient care…I can check vital signs, clean patients and make patients feel comfortable….

Now that I intend migrating to Europe or America, can I use my auxiliary nurse certificate to work in Canada or America or Britain?

Can auxiliary nurse work in Canada, UK and US?
Can auxiliary nurse work in Canada, UK and US? Yes. This is Sonia, an auxiliary nurse working for the NHS

My reply:

Thank you for reaching out….I understand you are a nurse assistant (auxillary nurse) and you want to know if you can work in either Canada, UK or US…

Here is the good news;

Just like Nigeria, Canada , US and UK govt allows auxiliary nurses in their health care system. They call them nurse assistants or health assistants. Yes, you can get a job in these countries as an auxiliary nurse in old people’s home, creches and care homes. In the UK for example, a nurse assistant (auxiliary nurse) is permitted by law to work in the NHS….

Aside being an auxiliary nurse, you are expected to have some work experience. Many nurse assistants from Nigeria and Africa that intend to work abroad are expected to have worked at least 1 year or less in a health centre, hospital, care home, old people’s home, or children’s care home…

Summary; an auxiliary nurse from Africa can work in the UK , Canada and USA…just make sure you meet the requirements….have a nurse assistant certificate and have some working experience.

Auxiliary nurse salary

UK: £26,735 per year

Canada; $43,349 per year or $22.23 per hour.

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  1. Can someone who has less than a year experience in an Auxiliary nurse work in the USA Canada, or UK as an Auxiliary nurse. Please enlighten me the more. Thank


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