Nigerian foods to boost immune system.

Your immune system is your safety net, you are as strong as your immune system. It is your protection against the world of diseases and infections, when it is all high… You are safe but it is all low…. You are in grave danger. Different things can weaken your immune system- poor diet,stress, aging, drugs like steriods, chemotherapy, diseases like diabetes, HIV, serious infections, bad habits like alcohol intake, smoking. These can cripple your immune system

Nigerian foods to boost immune system
Nigerian foods to boost immune system

When your immune system is low.. you will experience frequent colds and infections, your wounds or injuries takes time to heal, your skin easily develop skin infections, you are always and easily tired and you are not even pregnant, your immune system begins to fight each other (autoimmune diseases), your digestive system begins to malfunction, you easily get bloated, constipated, diarrhea. There is constant organ inflammation and malfunction. Children with low immune system easily fall sick and don’t grow well

Things that can boost your immune system includes- sleeping well, doing exercises, managing stress well, take vegetables, eat fruits very well especially citrus fruits and fruits that are very high in vitamin C like orange, cherry etc. Use fresh ginger and garlic in your foods, increase your fish intake. These will help boost your immune system.

Foods rich in vitamins and minerals boost immunity and reduce inflammation , including vitamin C, zinc, selenium, and vitamin D. Vitamin D alone regulates hundreds of genes that affect inflammation and immunity. So a meal of guavas and parsley (vitamin C), pumpkin seeds and oysters (zinc), Brazil nuts and sardines (selenium), and mushrooms (vitamin D) is an immune boosting anti-inflammatory super meal.

People with strong Immune system can easily fight off things, they will not always be overwhelmed by sicknesses…. People with low immune system can die from little things, their bodies can’t fight even the mildest infection. Your immune system is your safe zone, protect it.

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