Boiled and fried egg which is better, healthier and has more calorie?

Boiled eggs are way better and more nutritious than fried eggs,boiled meat is way better than fried meat, boiled yam is way better than fried yam, boiled fish is way better than fried fish.

Boiled and fried egg which is better, healthier and has more calorie?
Fried egg Vs Boiled eggs

Anything fried has added to itself extra fat, extra fat from the oil and the whole frying process. A food can be fantastically healthy but the moment it is fried, nutritional level begins to drop because not all essential nutrients can stand heat especially heat from frying. Boiling methods still helps to prevent foods from extra fats. Foods are way healthier when boiled, stewed than when fried or barbecued.

Boiled eggs vs fried eggs cholesterol…

Fried eggs contain far more cholesterol and fat than #boiled #eggs….This is because of the oil used to fry the egg…The cholesterol in fried eggs, depending on the oil used in cooking it is almost always bad cholesterol….

Boiled egg vs fried egg calories

#Fried #egg has more calories than boiled eggs. The amount of calorie in fried egg is 90cal while the the calorie in boiled egg is 78cal. The oil add to the calories of fried egg.

Boiled eggs or fried eggs for bodybuilding

#Fried egg is better for body building than #boiled egg because it has more calories…You can also eat boiled egg if you are building your muscles since it will contain more proteins.

Boiled egg or fried egg for weight loss?

On Weight loss regimen? Then you best bet is boiled egg since is contain less protein , less fat and more protein. Eat boiled eggs for weight reduction please.

Boiled egg or fried egg for weight gain

If you are planning of becoming fat, then you should choose fried #eggs ahead of #boiled eggs please.

Fried eggs or boiled eggs during pregnancy?

Both #fried egg and #boiled egg is good for pregnant women. Make sure you cook your egg very well before eating in pregnancy.

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