Goron Tula Benefits for Male and Female (Sexula Benefits of Goron Tula for Men and Women). How to use goron Tula to make kayan mata

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This is “Gorontula”. Though I spoke about Gorontula the other time but I wasn’t as detailed about this wonderful fruit as possible. Let me give you guys a detailed report about Gorontula especially as it relates to its secxual benefits to both males and females.

This fruit is called a “wonder fruit” because there are many health problems that can be cured by eating this fruit. Gorontula is sweet and chewy and that is why it is also referred to as “African Chewing Gum” fruit. Though this fruit is mainly famous for curing libido problems, especially for women that experience low level of libido and men that are suffering from Erectile dysfunction.

Goron Tula Benefits for Male and Female (Sexula Benefits of Goron Tula for Men and Women)
Goron Tula Benefits for Male and Female are numerous

Ever wondered where northerner’s gets their strong libido from? It’s Gorontula because this fruit is common in the North and it is mostly consumed by women to spice up their nacking life. This fruit is one of the major ingredient in any Kayan Mata formulation.

Kayan Mata is an Hausa words that means “Women’s Property”. This fruit is beneficial to both men and women.

Goron Tula Benefits for Male and Female (Se*ual Benefits of Goron Tula for Men and Women)

Apart from the fact that it is mainly used as natural aphrodisiac, there are other health benefits derived from consuming this fruit too. Some of which are;

* Prevention of high blood pressure

* Lowers blood sugar level (good for people suffering from diabetes)

* Ease digestion

* Improves the body immune system and can serve as a remedy for asthma

* Improving bowel movement

  • * Helps to enhance your libido

* Help women with vagina problems

* Cures chest pains from cough

* Good for weight loss

* It boost sperm count

Below are the benefits women enjoy when they eat this wonder fruit;

*Increase of libido*

If you feel you have lost your desire, you may consume this fruit to regain it. By consuming goron Tula, it will boost you libido and make you last longer in bed.


Dryness causes pains during nakamora. When you eat gorontula, you will be so drip, slippery and sweet. A friend of mine visited the other day and told me she started dripping by consuming just one of this fruit. If you feel that you are dry or you get dry every now and then during nacks then try goron tula. It will stimulate the production of fluid from the bartholin’s gland. It is also perfect to keep your Virgi…nia moistened.

*No More Bad Odor*

It is no longer news that some ladies have nasty odour from infection. Either due to infection or for whatever reason. Eating of Gorontula will help clean your kpekere. As a lady, do you like your food plate licked? Then eat goron Tula.

*Menstrual problem*

Goron tula help remove stale Menstrual blood after menstruation. It is a cleanser and detox.


Most women don’t clim..ax during encounter with their man during Megbesuegbe. With Gorontula, you are sure of multiple gushes…..

*Aids Fertility*

If you are a lady that is trying to conceive, start eating gorontula today because it boost ovulation.

Below are the benefits men enjoy when they eat this wonder fruit;

*Increase of libido*

Some men have premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, if you fall under this category, don’t worry, go and start eating gorontula today. It will help boost your drive. Don’t be the reason why madam will start thinking or doing the unthinkable.

*Improves sperm quality*

Chewing of Gorontula helps improves the sperm quality of men. If you are a man that is suffering from low sperm count, then start eating gorontula today.

So where can you buy gorontula from? Try it.

JB Da Silva Usman and Dr Udomoh

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