Benefits of eating bitter kola first thing in the morning on empty stomach.

Have you tried chewing bitter kola before? Don’t mention, yes I know it is very bitter and unpalatable….very true. …chewing bitter kola first thing in the morning before food and last thing at night before going to bed is replete with numerous health benefits, sexual benefits, medicinal properties and nutritional value that I think you should know by now.

In this article, I have cure to tell you the benefits, diseases you stand to cure and prevent by eating bitter kola first thing in the morning….

Health benefits of eating bitter kola first thing in the morning on empty stomach….

1.) Bitter kola prevent prostate cancer

Every man has a prostate gland that is responsible for secreting seminal fluid which mixes with the sperm to form semen.

The size of the prostate gland remains the same, but may become enlarge when one crosses the age of 40. An enlarge prostate gland may lead to prostate cancer.

Benefits of eating bitter kola first thing in the morning
Eat bitter kola every morning to get these benefits listed here

Eating bitter kola on an empty stomach first thing in the morning will prevent the enlargement of the prostate gland and prevent prostate cancer.

2.) It fights infertility or boost fertility

Male and female infertility is a real deal in many marriages and sexual relationships. Bitter kola cures infertility both in male and female so if a man is taking it, the woman should eat it as well. In males, eating bitter kola in first thing in the morning boost sperm count and makes a man last longer in bed as it sustains erection. In females, bitter kola boosts ovulation and restores ceased menses. Eating bitter kola in the morning boosts fertility.

3.) It prevents glaucoma

Glaucoma is the silent thing of sight and eating bitter kola first thing in the morning can help prevent according to proven scientific research. This eye disease(glaucoma) is the worst of all as it can lead to total blindness. Before that happens, why not eat bitter kola.

Bitter kola will reduce your eye pressure and ensure that your ocular pressure is controlled and reduced to the normal level to prevent glaucoma. The magic of chewing bitter kola.

4.) Eating bitter kola first thing in the morning cures respiratory illnesses:

Respiratory Illnesses include cough, hay fever, bronchitis, asthma, catarrh, etc. Eating bitter kola twice daily (morning and night) will fight all this by clearing your airways and removing every allergies from your body. Bitter kola is also a potent cough expectorant and cough suppressant. It helps to remove phlegm.

5.) It neutralizes poisons

Eating bitter kola first thing in the morning while help detoxify the kidneys and liver by helping these vital organs to clear that toxins and other harmful chemicals from the body.

Never underestimate the power of bitter kola, start eating it today.

6. Cures ulcer

Eating bitter kola and even drinking bitter kola water first thing in the morning helps to relief stomach ulcer and promote ulcer healing.

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