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Traditional Herbs for fertility and Conception in Nigeria

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(1) Aidan Onigun. (Uhio/oshosho/osakirisa in ibo,edeminang in efiks,Uyayak in Ibibio,Dawo in Hausa, prekese/soup perfume in Ghanaian Twi language.
(2)Eru, uda(negro pepper)
(3)orombo (lime)
(4)kanafuru (cloves)
(5)Ayu (garlic)
(6)ata Ile ( ginger)


Wash all ingredients in clean water.
Put then in a pot and add water.
Boil it for 20mins.
Ikeoluwa ni.


Take a glass cup before breakfast and last thing at night.

***Use it during your period for 5days .
It helps to clean your reproductive system of infection and prepare it for fertility. It also reduce the tommy fat.


We will be talking about a plant which is very good for fertility and can be found all over Africa.

Fertility Plant known scientifically as Neubouldia laevis is called Akoko in yoruba, Aduruku in hausa and ogirishi in igbo
This herbage is a high-quality and strong herb, that women employ to cure all female genital ailments, besides it helps to keep reproductive organs in good condition,
it also affects the right toning up of the vagina.helps with problems with high prolactin and lack of ovulation.

How do we use it for fertility….

1) The fresh leaves can be washed and cooked with water .this can be taking 3 times a day.

2) Boil the fresh leaves with water, allow it to settle for 24 hours, get original natural wild honey mix it with the cook leave water extract .
Drink a full cup two times a day. Notice this kind of mixture can make you purge some times. If this happens, reduce the quantity.

3) Grind the bark stem of fertility plant with ginger together mix well and take a full table spoon of it for 15 days, starting from the day finish your menstruation period. Have you ever used this herb before? If yes tell us your experience with it.

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