How to use vicks vaporub for flat tummy & flat Stomach, How to use Vicks Vaporub to reduce belly fat, Side effects of Vicks VapoRub on stomach.

If you like rub vicks vaporub on your tummy tomorrow, it will not help you develop that flat tummy neither will you help you burn belly fat. Vicks vaporub will not help you develop a flat tummy overnight…it will not at all.

Do you think that body fat melts literally. Someone needs to educate people on how fat is burnt. As per transformed into energy. For now,let the aboniki sellers have a field day.

There are many ladies and celebrities on social media especially instagram and facebook who advertise fake flat tummy therapies… They tell their unsuspecting followers to apply Vicks vaporub on their belly morning and night to achieve a flat stomach. But this does not work in any way. Vicks vaporub cannot shrink belly fat.

How to use vicks vaporub for flat tummy
Vicks vaporub have no effect on stomach fat reduction

People who use Vicks vaporub on their tummy believe that the Vicks vaporub will melt the excess fat in their tummy and help them get a flat tummy. The truth is vicks vaporub does not burn belly fat and there is no scientific evidence that it will slim down a big or protruded tummy.

There is also this belief that Vicks vaporub rub helps to tighten the abdominal or belly skin and in the process helps reduce belly fat but this is not true. Vicks vaporub rub does not reduce belly fat.

How long to leave Vicks wrap on? I needed to answer this, I realized that some ladies put on the Vicks wrap (something like a waist trainer) on their tummy overnight after applying vicks vaporub with the hope that it will help compress and burn out the fat but this does not work rather it will irritate your abdominal skins, cause you contact dermatitis and cause you tummy burns (scalding). To cap it up, Vicks vaporub + Vicks wrap does not burn belly fat and does not make the stomach flat.

How long to leave Vicks wrap on? If you like leave it there for months or years, it will not work for you.

Side effects of Vicks VapoRub on stomach? Sleeping with Vicks on stomach can cause you serious untoward side effects and skin damage. It will cause you burns , burning sensation, contact dermatitis, sleeplessness, difficulty in breathing (with Vicks wrap), skin excoriation, redness, could trigger an asthmatic attack etc.

Some ladies add Vicks vaporub with camphor for belly fat reduction but this stuff does not work.

Others mix coconut oil with vicks vaporub rub for weight loss and flat belly but still, it does not work. Vicks vaporub has not benefit to your belly button.

If you want to have a flat tummy, exercise, stop alcohol and diet… If all these fails, them go for tummy tuck, liposuction abdominoplasty.

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