How to use vitamin C tablets to avoid pregnancy, Can vitamin C destroy pregnancy? White Vitamin C oral contraceptives, Vitamin C and implantation…

So I bumped into this article on facebook where the poster claimed that 10,000mg of vitamin c especially the white vitamin C is a spermicide, prevents pregnancy, can be used as contraceptive and vitamin c can prevent implantation. The poster implied that because vitamin c is acidic, vitamin c can flush out sperm after an unprotected sexual intercourse especially if the lady insert it before the act. There is also this belief that high dose of vitamin C like 1000mg – 10,000mg can cause miscarriage, induce uterine contractions and be used for abortions..

Here is the culled part of the post on Facebook where white vitamin c was given huge contraceptive powers:

“Vitamin C is used to prevent conception. It is a component of many herbs. It is taken as an emergency contraceptive; the ascorbic acid interferes with the hormone progesterone and disrupts implantation. Progesterone is very important as it functions to prepare the uterus for pregnancy and helps to maintain it. Most women place a tablet of vitamin C “inside their bodies”, as that promotes an acidic environment. Sperms cannot survive in an acidic environment.”


The information contained above is totally wrong. Vitamin C is a very essential supplement in pregnancy and does no harm to your unborn baby. Vitamin C cannot can miscarriage.

Take not of the following:

Vitamin C does not interfere with implantation or prevent implantation rather, it will promote it

Vitamin C does not flush out sperm

Vitamin c does not prevent pregnancy

Vitamin C does not cause pregnancy loss

Vitamin C cannot cause abortion or be used to induce abortion.

White vitamin c is not a contraceptive and cannot be used for family planning

Vitamin C does not destroy pregnancy

Vitamin C does not kill sperms OR inactivate sperm. Vitamin C even promote sperm count production.

There is no special way to use vitamin c to avoid pregnancy or prevent pregnancy.

Vitamin c does not prevent pregnancy… It will only make the baby grow healthier to 9 months before delivery.

How to use vitamin C tablets to avoid pregnancy
How to use vitamin C tablets to avoid pregnancy

Vitamin C doesn’t prevent pregnancy or cause miscarriage, it’s a Russian journal myth. you can safely consume Vit C while pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

If you take an INSANELY high amount of vitamin C, say 10,000mg or more, it could trigger an abortion according to some authors and researchers.

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