Can Andrew Liver Salt delay period?

From my mailbox:a lady wants to know the relationship between Andrews Liver Salt and menstruation… Wants to know if Andrew liver salt can delay a lady’s period.

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Dear Nimedhealth,

I am Funmilayo, a 23 year old lady from LAGOS, Nigeria. I used Andrews liver salt about a month ago for my stomach upset and since then, I have noticed a delay in my period. I normally see my period on the 25th or 26th of every month but now, my period delays for about 4 to 5days. What could be responsible for this… I strongly suspect this my delayed menstruation has something to do with the Andrews liver salt and took about a month ago. How true? Can Andrews Liver Salt delay period?

My reply:


I understand your delay period may be causing you some serious concerns…. it is understandable for you to trace your menstrual problems to you consumption of Andrews liver salt…. but here is the truth… Side effects of a drug may be different from person to person and some may remain unreported OR go unnoticed by even the manufacturers. It is possible that Andrew liver salt may have messed up your period but there are no reported cases of the negative effect of Andrew liver salt on period.

Can Andrew Liver Salt delay period?
Can Andrews Liver Salt delay period?

I noticed that some ladies who use Andrew liver salt for contraception (prevent pregnancy) after unprotected sex almost always complain of delayed period…i have realised that these girls do not use Andrew liver salt alone, they often take along with it postinor(which is the real emergency contraceptive). Postinor’s major side effect is delayed period. The delayed period is caused by the emergency contraceptive and not Andrew liver salt. This is a fact.

However for your submission, did you by any way take Postinor or postpill recently if I may ask? We have to unravel the true cause of your disrupted menstrual cycle.

The listed side effects of Andrew Liver Salt and delayed period is not one of them:

Fast heart beat
Low blood pressure
pain in abdomen
Low body temperature
Excess of magnesium in body
Excess alkali in body
Central nervous system depression
Kidney stones.

Andrews Liver Salt may also cause side-effects not listed here….so we cannot totally rule out delayed period in women.

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