An article on: How to get sperm out of your body fast naturally, How to wash out sperm to prevent pregnancy, Medicine that kills sperm in the female body, How to take out sperm from your body, how to prevent sperm from getting to the eggs to prevent pregnancy.

An article on the things(concoction,drugs etc) girls take/do/use as contraceptives to prevent pregnancy and to get sperm out of their body fast which are wrong (and why they are wrong and DO NOT WORK).

1. Alabukun with 7up.
2. Douching(washing) with coke after unprotected sex.
3. Drinking hot water mixed with salt.
4. Taking loads of Andrews liver salt with coke and lime.
5. Taking honey,raw egg, lime and washing it down with dry gin.
6. Mashed garlic, lime with 7up or coca cola after sex.
7. Furosemide.
8. Ampiclox and salt (how they take this one, i don’t even know).
9. Douching the vagina with mixture of salt and water.
10. Lime and Alabukun
11. Cold 7UP and Alabukun
12. Standing up during or immediately after sex.
13. Mixture of lime and potash.
14. Drinking Krest.
15. Andrew Liver Salt.
16. Taking hot 7UP.

-Amoxicillin and Ampiclox are antibiotics, they are not contraceptives. Maybe you think sperm is a bacterial infection, well it’s not.

What they will surely do is make you build antibiotic resistance because what you did was just abuse the drug and that’s bad.

-Salt is used for cooking as seasoning and plays alot of role which “contraception” is not among, no matter what concoction you mix it with and take. Taking loads of salt will only cause fluid to build up in the body and increase your risks of cardiovascular diseases.

-Alabukun is an analgesic(a pain reliever) and in no way with effect on pregnancy hormones.
Andrew liver salt is used for heart burn, indigestion and constipation in order to loosen bowel movements, there is no way it is used as a contraceptive or with ability to exert such. Alabukun is not the medicine that kills sperm in the female body and does not wash out sperm.

-Eating garlic after sex will only give your mouth the minty smell that comes with garlic and you will still get pregnant SURELY.

Like lime orange ahbi ? It is not a contraceptive. All you will get is the vitamins and nutrients that comes with it and ofcourse the sour taste. And the pregnancy, it will still come EVERLY.

How to get sperm out of your body fast
Medicine that kills sperm in the female body to prevent pregnancy

7up and coca cola are soda drinks. Douching with coca will only increase your risks of infections and can harm your womb, and you can suffer infertility problems later on and you won’t be able to point out where your problems started from.

-Drinking Coca Cola and after having sex will not stop you from getting pregnant, if you like drink one crate of coca cola.

-Furosemide is not a contraceptive. Furosemide is a diuretic, it makes you urinate more, it is used for hypertension, congestive heart failure amongst others. It is not a contraceptive and will not stop you from getting pregnant.

Long term use of this will result in hypotension or kidney failure.

– Some ladies use bitters like ruzu, Odogwu bitters, alomo etc to wash out semen but it doesn’t work.

This things are terrible wrong and shouldn’t be used. Proven methods of contraception include:

-using condom.
-Emergency contraceptives.
-Permanent contraception.

The question is: how to get sperm out of your body fast after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy? Use emergency contraceptive pills like postpill, postinor, plan b etc.





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