Apetamin and belly fat: How to keep stomach flat while taking Apetamin.

Why do ladies take apetamin in the first place? The goal is to have nice curves with big buttocks and “front package” but the belly must remain flat. Yes ladies what the big curves that apetamin purportedly offers them but not big tummy. The truth is the purported mechanism of action of apetamin does not spare any body part, while it is making you develop big buttocks, big breasts, and big hips, it will also make you develop a big or protruded tummy (where you expecting to develop a flat belly with apetamin?). The truth is apetamin causes belly fat.

THE GOAL IS To Be Snatched Not Walking Around With Bloated Stomachs & protruded OR big tummy ! 🙅🏽‍♀️ PLEASE Know that EVERYONE HAS DIFFERENT BODIES.

Please know your weight GAIN GOAL, what fits best with your body, and etc. WHEN TAKING APETAMIN, you NEED TO TONE UP AND WORKOUT READ GOOD. That doesn’t mean go exercise and do cardio (running and walking) 🙅🏽‍♀️ you don’t want to lose weight you want to lose your stomach fat and keep your curves!

#1. GET A WAIST TRAINER! That’s a must! Get a nice one! Dominique Lattamore, WhatWaist Official, Waist Snatchers, Keyshia Kaoir. Those are the ones I recommend.

#2 Drink Flat Tummy Teas! Make sure you get the right detox tea. Remember you don’t want to loose weight you want to loose your stomach fat! Get NutraBurst & IASO TEA.

#3 Workout! Do SQUATS AND SIT-UPS & Other At Home Workouts (Watch YouTube Videos on This!) DAILY!

#4. Take Vitamins! Maca Root, Techui (TLC) for more Curves!

#5 PROTIENS instead of breads. Don’t eat junk food right before bed. Stay consistent with all above tips.

#6 ALCOHOL: Run away from alcohol especially beer 🍻 if you want to have a flat belly while on apetamin. Alcohol, from research, can give you a pot belly.

Stay Tuned to www.nimedhealth.com.ng for more updates and Tips! I will be following my own tips! I’m on this journey with y’all! Having the body you want takes dedication it doesn’t just come easy! Put in the work for what you want. 💪🏽

How to keep stomach flat while taking Apetamin
How to keep stomach flat while taking Apetamin

Apetamin will give you all round weight gain including a big belly, but you can keep the curves and shed the belly fat while taking apetamin, it requires dieting, exercises, discipline, patience and hardwork.

If you want you tummy to remain flat after stopping apetamin, do a lot of belly exercises….to keep it that way.

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