Can drinking dry gin (and salt) prevent unwanted pregnancy? Does Ogogoro prevent pregnancy?

In Nigeria, like other African countries, almost every girls has their own fair share of sexual myths, contraceptive myths, or better put, misinformation about sexual life.

Meanwhile, all these lies are what most African parents consider the best to make ‘pure’ or ‘reserve’ their wards or to prevent their girl child from getting pregnant.

I didn’t get to hear the legendary “if a boy touches you, you will get pregnant”. I have a pharmacist as a dad and I was mostly at the pharmacy, we also had a book store so I read books on sex from the medical angle. The myth I heard was “you must bleed, when you are disvirgined” Which is totally wrong. Not every girls bleed first time they have a sexual activity.

Another is “drink sprite and salt after sex, you won’t take in”. This is also completely false, Sprite and salt is ORS/ORT. It is not a contraceptive mixture. Some silly people believe dry gin like ogogoro will help them prevent pregnancy and flush out sperm 😂😂😂😂, I laugh in mama and papa ejima (twins).

Funny enough, just as some people also believe taking dry gin after sex prevent pregnancy.

Whereas, no amount of dry gin taking can prevent pregnancy. If there is a need to do that, contraceptive options are there to take.

My cousin said she use to do high jump after sex so that her husband won’t get her pregnant and all the sperm will be flushed out. Me I was just looking, I didn’t even know what to say to her.

So for ladies who bank on dry gin as contraceptive should know this….:

Dry #gin does not prevent unwanted pregnancy unintended pregnancy. Gin does not prevent sperm from getting to the eggs in the female body.

Gin does not flush out sperm or wash out sperm

Gin like Chelsea set gin or aromatic schnapps dry gin does wash out sperm…. and neither can it prevent pregnancy

If you like drink the dry gin or douch with it, it will not work in preventing pregnancy

Dry gin is not an emergency contraceptive and using it immediately after unprotected sex will not prevent pregnancy.

Dry gin will not abort unwanted pregnancy.

Mixing dry gin and salt and drinking it after unprotected sex will not prevent pregnancy or flush out sperm…

Ogogoro does not prevent pregnancy neither does it wash out sperm

Can dry gin prevent pregnancy
Can dry gin wash out sperm? No

If you have had unprotected sex, you can go and take emergency contraceptive pills like postpill, postinor, plan B etc

Thank you.

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  1. I don’t know if I’m pregnant,and I’m scared to do test
    I missed my period for 3months and no symptoms of this happened to me,I only vomiting everyday during those months,and also headache,does that mean I’m pregnant

  2. It has been one month now I have not seen my period,but I have no symptoms of pregnancy, I have also do p test it continues showing me negative but till my period has not showed up I am very confused


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