This article will answer the following questions: Can Guinness stout prevent pregnancy, Can drinking a hot guinness prevent pregnancy,Can hot Guinness get rid of pregnancy?

Guinness stout or guinness extra smooth or small stout is an alcoholic drink used by many pleasure seekers during social gatherings and ceremonies.

Because of the bitter taste of Guinness stout, many people have ascribed medicinal properties and even health benefits to it…some people claims small stout cures fever, some others say it detoxifies the body system, while others claim it removes excess sugar from the body.

Can Guinness stout prevent pregnancy?
Does small stout prevent pregnancy? No.

Then, there is this group of people that have “given” some special uses of Guinness stout as an emergency contraceptive and a misoprostol properties (for abortion). This school of thought believe Guinness stout washed out of flushes out sperm after sex and can prevent pregnancy. They claim Guinness stout can remove pregnancy in the first 2 weeks or so of pregnancy and when taken by pregnant women in the first trimester, Guinness stout can serve as an abortion pill where it can induce miscarriage or abortion. So many ladies that have been erroneously misled use small stout as contraceptive. They immediately take it hot even with milk after sex with the hope that the hot Guinness stout will kill the sperm in their body and prevent unwanted pregnancy.

But how true are these beliefs?

Can Guinness stout prevent pregnancy? Can hot Guinness get rid of pregnancy?

The answer is capital no.

Guinness stout is NOT a contraceptive and not even an emergency contraceptive pill

Guinness stout cannot prevent #pregnancy

Small stout or Guinness stout cannot wash out sperm

Guinness stout does not flush out sperm

Guinness stout does not kill sperm in the female body after sex… It is not a spermicide.

Guinness stout does not prevent the sperm from getting to the egg in the female body

Guinness stout does not cause an abortion or cause miscarriage but that does not mean it should be taken in pregnancy. It is still an alcohol.

Drinking hot Guinness stout cannot prevent pregnancy

Drinking hot Guinness stout does not remove pregnancy or get rid of pregnancy..

I hope this is clear enough? If you don’t want to get pregnant after an unprotected sexual intercourse, take lostinor or postpill pill or plan b immediately after and not hot Guinness stout (small stout).

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  1. I had an unprotected sex on Friday
    I took Guinness stout with salt and water immediately
    Early the next morning,I took the salt and water again
    And I took beecham ampiclox on Sunday
    Will it work for me

  2. Stop writing what u dont know. I have used stout to prevent pregnancy for the past 15years and it works perfectly. Tank you


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