How often to put breastmilk in baby’s eye….

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Does breast milk really cute eye infection?

Nursing mothers put fresh breast milk in their newborn babies eyes for the following reasons:

1. Breast milk to treat eye infections especially conjunctivitis

2. Breast milk for blocked tear ducts

3. Breast milk for jaundice

How often to put breastmilk in baby's eye
Don’t use breast milk to treat your babies eye infections….it worsens it.

How often to put breastmilk in baby’s eye

You see these women express breast milk into the eyes of the baby very early in the morning (first breast milk for the day) and late at night. Some nursing mothers will put breast milk in their baby’s eyes like 3 to 4 times a day.

But is breast milk truly safe for the eyes? Not at all.

See the reasons why….👇

Breast milk may cause serious complications in babies eye. Its an ancient practice doesn’t make it scientifically accurate.

According to research by Ukponmwan published in Nigerian Journal of Ophthalmology, 80% of patients developed complications due to breast milk in the eye.

For bacteria caused eye infection, evidence shows that breast milk is unlikely to be effective against the bacteria that cause this infection. Also, in babies, eye infection needs to be evaluated by a physician because there is the potential for long term irreversible eye damage

Human Breast Milk is not antibiotics and so therefore should not be used as a remedy if a child is having eye discharge( especially newly born ). The presence of antibodies in breast milk doesn’t make it antimicrobial…..oh yes. Using breast milk on the eyes as an eye drop will cause more damage to the eyes. Please, advise all mothers to desist from this practice on their babies eyes. Breast Milk is never an alternative to ANTIMICROBIAL EYE MEDICATION.

Adults should also desist from putting breast milk in their eyes to cure conjunctivitis….it will only make it worse or possibly blind you.


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