Can guava leaves help to conceive twins or triplets?

Having twins is the desire of many women….let me make it clear that not all couples desire twins or triplets because of the health risks and financial burden associated.Be that as it may, some women will go any length to give birth to twins or triplets. The Yoruba people are the tribe with the highest rate or incidence of twin gestation in Nigeria and in the world. The Yoruba diet of roasted yam and their genes has been pointed as the reasons for their high twin gestation. Their type of food contain a chemical substance called phytoestrogens….that means that genes and what we eat contribute one way or the other to twin pregnancy.

Today, in this article, I want to look at the realtionship between guava leaves and twin pregnancy or twin conception. Now to answer this question: “Can guava leaves help to conceive twins or triplets?” , let me check out some facts…

Can guava leaves help to conceive twins?
The relationship between guava leaves and twin gestation

Guava Leaves for sure is a fertility booster and ovulation booster. When taken religiously, the tea of guava leaves are rich in a fertility supplement called folic acid or simply folate. Research has shown that women who drink guava leaves tea stand a chance of HYPEROVULATION (release of at least two eggs or ova during ovulation)…when a woman HYPEROVULATES and meets with her husband, the chances of getting the two eggs fertilize are very high and the women will end up conceiving twins. So, it is true that drinking guava leaf tea can make a woman conceive twins….very true.

This does not mean that every woman that drink boiled guava leaf tea will surely give birth to twins….it is just matter of luck and your personal family history of having twins as a woman….I am saying this so that you will not feel disappointed after taking guava leaves tea for a long time with the aim of getting pregnant with twins only for you to find out that you got pregnant with a single baby from ultrasound scan.

A woman whose grandmother, mother, sisters, or aunties have twins stand a very higher chance of conceiving twins….compared to a woman that does not have this positive family history….if a woman that have the genes or genetic makeup for twin gestation take guava leave tea to boost her ovulation….her chances may be doubled. The male gender (man) really does not play any role in twin pregnancy.

Summary, guava leaves tea may probably increase a woman’s chances of conceiving twins…This is because guava leaf is rich in folate, a fertility booster and causes the woman to hyperovulate (release two eggs for during ovualation).

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