How to use guava leaves for flat tummy and weight loss. How to prepare guava leaf tea for weight loss…Guava leaves for weight loss side effects..

If you wish or desire to lose weight (shed excess body fat) and flatten your big fat tummy, guava leaf is one of the most effective home remedy to help you achieve your goals! Guava leaves aids in weight loss by inhibiting the complex starches from being turned into sugars. That means guava leaf tea prevent carbohydrates from turning into sugar thereby suppressing your appetite. Eventually, by eating less calories you will be able to shed off the extra pounds. Guava leaf tea is effective for both weight loss and belly fat reduction..



1. Get 10 to 15 leaves of guava, wash and boil in one litre of water for 10mins. The colour of the water changes to golden brown. Drink while warm first thing in the morning and last thing at night till you achieve your desired shape.

2. You can add ginger and lemon for best result. (Stomach ulcer patients please don’t try this).

3. Warm it every time you want to drink and boil new leaf after 3 days.

How long should I take guava leaves for weight loss and for flat tummy…

You will start seeing the positive effect of guava leaf tea in your weight and belly with first 4 weeks if you take it religiously …Guava leaf tea results for weight loss and flat belly start showing in 4 weeks. It is important to take before and after pictures following use of guava leaves for weight loss and flat ….with that you can compare.

How to use guava leaves for flat tummy and weight loss
Before and after pictures of a lady that uses guava leaves for weight loss and flat tummy

Guava leaves for weight loss side effects

Drinking guava leaf for weight loss or flat tummy really doesn’t have a significant side effect other than some cases of reported abdominal pains, vomiting and sometimes diarrhoea or bloating.

Note: This home remedy is NOT for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Infants do not really tolerate guava leaf tea as their liver is mot developed enough or mature enough to break down guava leaf byproduct.


Guava leaf tea is known to be a relaxation tea and also a powerful substance used in curing lots if ailments.

The leaves of Guava contains a number of substantial vitamins like vitamin C . Here are some of the health benefits and reasons why you have to start drinking Guava leaf tea:

🍵 Guava leaf tea helps lower cholesterol levels.

🍵 Drinking of guava leaf tea regularly aids weight loss.

🍵 It helps to get rid of acne when applied on the troubled spot.

🍵 Guava leaf tea contains high level of vitamin C and iron which helps relieve cold and cough.

🍵 When rubbed on the skin , it helps improve skin texture.

🍵 Guava leaf tea helps improves quality of sleep and helps quietens the mind.

🍵 It also benefits the heart and circulatory system

💥 Guava leaves helps prevent hair loss when boiled and applied to the scalp

🍵 It helps boost immune system and reducing risk of various illness

🍵 It helps lower the risk of cancer.

🍵 Grinding Guava leaves into paste and applying it to the teeth helps to cure gum and tooth problems.

🍵 Guava leaf tea helps to prevent and manage diabetes.

🍵 It also helps with stomach for quick delivery in the case of diarrhea. Wow, so many amazing benefits🙌🏽🙌🏽.

To prepare this tea, all you need to do is soak Guava leaves in hot water and drink up to enjoy it’s many benefits.

So when clueless on how to manage your health troubles, Guava leaves is a go to tea but if symptoms persist, please talk to your Doctor.

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